Sunday, August 29, 2010

So...these are cool....

Shh! don't tell anyone I'm blogging! Classes start tomorrow and the last thing I should be doing is blogging! Here's my ever so quick version of events...

These doors are from my parents house. It was a 1950's bungalow. That means small. When the house became mine I defied all disbelievers ( the auctioneers, husband and a slightly disbelieving but willing to give it a go- real estate agent) by remodeling it into a really cute contemporary little bungalow. These doors were to the front entry and two closets. "I want those" I told the builder. "You do?" He said before he could help himself. "Yep- all three." I had the yucky varnish and several layers of paint sandblasted off them. Hey, I don't fool around, I want no part of that nasty chemical stripper. Sandblasting them really made the grain of the wood pop out- kinda like driftwood.

I knew someday I would do something really cool with these and Saturday was that day. I painted them turquoise, hot orange and limey green. Of course, one color is never enough so I mixed in a few other colors. They went to Navigator Artisans where they will be fitted with chicken wire so ornaments and such can hang from them. Navigator Artisans is a grass roots group of artsy ladies are trying to get a small gallery and art classes started. More about that later...

This big little lady got her self a gown of sorts and boy did it take some doing! I spent hours trying to make paper mache' stick to screening. It truly illustrated to me the saying What is the definition of Stupid- doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. One would have thought I would have learned that lesson dating but apparently, stupid me, I forgot!

I could not get the mache' to stick. Now- I should tell you this is not typical armature screen but rather typical window screen because- well, armature screening is expensive and I'm cheap and she's 4' tall.

So, I thought about it and thought about it and finally purchased some cheesecloth and plaster of Paris. I draped the cheese cloth over the screen and poured on the plaster. I had to work quickly- that plaster sets up so fast and I was working with a large amount. DAYS later when this new method was finally dry I tried the paper mache' again and guess what- it stuck.

I was kinda mad that it wouldn't work just on the screen. Why didn't I know that? It had worked on other screen! The paper mache' just kept falling or peeling off but I was so determined that I just kept sticking it back on- for at least two hours I tried! The more it fell off the madder and more determined I got! Oh well, lesson learned. Well, I said I'd make it quick but quick isn't my strong point!


  1. i didn't know you kept those doors?!! cool! I have doors in the mister's workshop, doors that i'm going to do something with...some day! :)
    great minds think alike!!

  2. heehee I love reading your post.. it's as if I can see your face expressions :0))))
    the doors are SO COOL and I hope things don't make you madder, Christine!! LOL


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