Monday, August 2, 2010

I have no will power!

So I broke down and purchased this book. Man, is it ever cool! I had no clue there were so many ways you could get an image from one surface to another. A whole new world has opened up for me. Alas- still just me in this world, the portal didn't come equipped with a magical never-ending limit credit card or anything like that.

So the official name for this kind of transfer is called a 'skin'. I typed a phrase on regular paper with my regular ink jet printer. I think it probably works better with heavier weight paper. I coated it with matte gel medium. If you use gloss you get a more 'sheer' skin. I'm out of gloss so thought I'd experiment with matte. It seems that there are no wrong results- only different results.

my intention is to glue the skins on top of the previous transfer attempt. Really the way I was doing it was more of a cross between transferring and decoupage. Then I will embellish the feet further with three dimensional objects- shells and such.

Remember the 'whole new world' bit? These are "vintage" handkerchiefs from my mother's side of the family. We never threw anything out. When I cleaned out my parents house to sell it took three dumpsters. Big ones. No kidding. I kept some things but it was overwhelming to even decide what had value. So what to do with them besides just pack them away and pull them out every few years to look at?

WELL....they will make great backgrounds (already vintage- no need to embellish!) for crafts or stationary!

And...all those photo's I have been taking and hoarding (the fruit didn't fall far from the hoarding tree) can now be background material or incorporated into art. I have a thing about using images that don't belong to me. I want whatever I create to be mine from conception to completion. So- now I have a bigger pool of 'material' to draw from. Yay!!!!

MY final analysis is- Run, don't walk, out right now and buy this book. It will be a valuable part of your library!


  1. oh- how brilliant are you- what a great idea for those antique handkerchiefs! Looks like a great book- you'll be creating transfers like crazy now!

  2. Wow, you are full of information here and I like it all!! I'm going to have to check out that book and let me tell you those feet are too cool, oh yes and the handkerchiefs are classic!! They will be one of a kind backgrounds for sure!

  3. oh look at those vintage handkerchiefs !!! So precious !!! I also have the thing about using images that aren't my own lol
    I like your expression ! From Conception to Completion !!

  4. Thanks guys! You know I admire all of your work as well. As far as sharing- its an artist thing! What you put out to the universe is sure to come back at you!

  5. Cool stuff!!! I alwase come here and find awesome stuff!!!! Your awesome!!!!!

  6. I'll just borrow that book from you and then forget to return it, you know how I am! Are you sad like me that we didn't find ourself years ago, move to hawaii, marry surgeons and spend our days making art on the beach? How is that for pouring salt in the wound?! Oh well, you are on a roll and I'm LOVING it!!
    ~your mental twin, M

  7. Oh yes, I must have this book! Xylene is hard to find because before I found mine I had been looking for some. Lowes doesn't have it anymore. You might have to order it from that link. But it worked great!!! I know how that was cleaning out and the dumpsters. We had to do that with my Mama's house and I was so addled I couldn't decide what to keep so most of it went in the dumpster. I wish I could go back through that dumpster now!!! Thanks for your comment!

  8. Transfers have fascinated me and I have no clue how to do them - this looks like a great book! Thank yo for the inspiring post Christine!




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