Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Think Before You Speak

Brooke was delighted to see a frog on top of our grill. "Get it off. I'm about to turn the grill on." said my husband. She tried to catch it but it hopped away and Kayla was able to capture it. Annoyed by the commotion my husband said "Enough! Put it in the grass!"
Kayla is on a new medicine that I call the agreeable pill.
She's much more agreeable.
We love the agreeable pill.
Kayla was happy to co-operate and proceeded to 'put the frog in the grass'.

Unfortunately- the grill that the frog was on resides on our deck. The deck is approximately 12' above said grass.

Kayla may be more agreeable but she's still Kayla.

Perhaps the wording would have better served the frog if it had been- "Kayla, take the frog down to the grass and gently let it go. Yep, probably would have been better for the frog.


  1. it's hard to get along with someone JUST LIKE YOURSELF... haha! I'm glad it is helping!

  2. oh no! Poor frog :) Nice that she listened so well though.


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