Saturday, January 29, 2011

Freaky, Mom! Freaky!

So I put the new eyeballs on my bird and you know what my kids said? Ewww! Freaky, MOM! Those eyes are huge! They're bug eyes! Well, as much as I tried to convince them that they eyes were the most beautiful thing on this Earth next to Webkinz they weren't having it. And truth be told I wasn't crazy about how they protruded away from the head in certain areas. Note to self- maybe plan this in earlier, like when shaping the head! Knowing the perfectionist inside of me I knew it wouldn't suffice. I'd see nothing else on that bird but where the eyeballs didn't quite touch the head and it would be like an itch I couldn't ignore.

So here's the bird with eyelids! Birds have eyelids, Don't they? Well this one does! I ran it past my panel of judges and I got one- "Awesome, Mom, really cool!" And one "Still freaky, Mom!". I'm going with it, though. Time to move on.

Today I ordered frit. In our little downtown area there's a stain glass shop. The owner let me sort through boxes of scrap and I came up with two piles of glass that I think when mixed up and crushed will make lovely material to work with. Oh- yeah, frit is crushed up glass, if you didn't already know. I didn't. I just learned of it this past summer. I'm using it on the leaves that decorate big little lady's gown.

Ok, that's all for now. I have pile of laundry. I just made the Mr. mad because I disagreed with his decree that the bathroom remodel could wait until the girls were old enough to close the shower curtain over better. I couldn't help it- I had my say and now he's mad. Guess we'll have to see how long he can be mad. I'm just saying....I can wait to make up a lot longer than he can....oh, by the way... how do you like my Valentine theme for my blog background????


  1. Chris- I LOVE the bird with the eyelids- wow do those eyes pop- and they give him a gentle quality I think. I had to google Webkinz- how old am I? lol. I can't wait to see the frit added- what a gorgeous piece this is going to be when you are all finished ♥

  2. hahahahahhahaha, THE Mister just said "hey, what's that chicken thing?"... I informed him it was a DOVE, it is a dove, right?
    i'm sick, maybe we can meet next week.... only 17 days till my birthday ya know?!?!?!?!?!

  3. Wow! Those eyes are eerie and amazing! You are so talented!

    And the first thing I noticed when I opened was your angry/love new theme. Cute!

    And no, I had no idea what 'frit' was. Thanks for defining.

  4. That bird is so lifelike - you never cease to amaze me. Wish I had a tenth of your skills!

    I'm guessing by the amount of work going into this I can't afford one toe hold my hats!!!


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