Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm not God but I did make bird eyes!

Ok, I'm going to make this quick! I'm in the middle of my first ever architectural rendering and there is a real client waiting for this masterpiece so I have to figure out how to turn this trainwreck around. (That means that so far things are not going well.)

And, yes, I did hesitate before I used that title for this post. Insert my mother's voice saying "Christine! That's sacreligious!" But what the heck, its all in jest! Right? So that makes the sacreligious part O.K., right? Right?

Anyhow- I made eyes for the bird and they were super easy!!!! Want to know how? Ok!

Almost anything I could ever imagine (and that's a lot) can be made of items purchased from my local art store, grocery store or one of my favorite places- the hardwares store. I like to walk down the aisles and look at all the weird parts and pieces they imagine I might need and instead, imagine all the other things they could be!

Actually, most of this came from my local grocery/home goods store. Thumbtacks, brads, nail polish and markers is all it took to make these eyes. Yep, plain old .49 cent thumb tacks will give me a way to doubly make sure these eyes will stick on my bird. Brads will give me some defination because our iris do sit slightly on top of the white part of our eye and our eyes are not completely smooth.

I used marker on top of the thumb tack. I carefully criss-crossed the lines and then went along the outside with olive green. My advice- don't over think this, the nailpolish mixed my colors together and while you couldn't tell I had a plan of action in the coloring, I still liked the result.

I clipped the working ends off the brads so that I just had the rounded top. I used clear nail polish to glue the brad to the thumbtack. I put some under the brad before placing it on the tack. I decided to make them slightly off to one side and dropped off center. I recommend that you use Sally Hansen brand clear nail polish- why? Because it makes me think of my Grandma. It was her favorite brand and she was the coolest person in the world.

I brushed the nailpolish across the top but tried to make it pool up where the brad joins the thumb tack. to lessen the height difference. I let that coat dry and then repeated the process several times. The hardest part was allowing enough time to dry- patience is not my virtue.

While waiting I decided to experiment with the glitter dots. I picked these up out of the scrapbooking department just in case the thumbtacks didn't work out. These would be fun for bug or reptile eyes. So that's it! Let them harden up a day or two, they might look dry but as I just found out- looks can be deceiving!

Now, just because I can't help's a pair of eyes I did not create (Thanks, God.) but get to look at every day and know that I had a part in bringing into this world and maybe have just a little part in putting that smile on her face.

Ok, have to run and check my inbox so that icon will quit blinking at me. I'm sure its Chinamommy apologizing for all but ignoring me while she cleans her dumb ole basement! HEY, Chinamommy! GET OUT of the basement and call me but give me time to answer because I'm in MY basement! Have a great week, everyone!


  1. You are too creative and it makes me very mad at myself! Tell Chinamommmy hi for me too! You both are way too productive.

  2. Fabulous Chris!!!! I can't wait to try this out- you are one smart cookie! Good luck on the architectural rendering. Just typing those words out feels intimidating :)

  3. those are FABULOUS!!! I know, I know...the basement!! It has about killed me, but 3 trips to Goodwill later and it's looking pretty darn good!! Now I need to repaint it, get new carpet, new trim, new furniture.... HELP!


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