Thursday, January 13, 2011

My friend Mel said this.....

"Yesterday I mentioned lipstick and I think some of you started salivating at the thought. See, I've always been quite the connoisseur of all things lip related. It comes from a deeply ingrained truth from ..."

That's all the blog reader would show but I was captivated....a deeply ingrained truth.....Hmmmm, I've got some of those... and definatley some of those are tied to lipstick. For instance, it was a deeply ingrained truth to me that my mother thought if you ran a brush through your hair and applied a quick layer of very bright lipstick that you were presentation ready. I have so many images of her....rushing out the door,in her wrinkle free polyester pants and cotton tee shirt- screaming at my father to get in the car- they were late..., we were always late for everything, but we could never leave until my father had his coffee in his travel mug, warmend up and ready to go. He had his routine that had to happen before we could leave the drive. Long sleeve shirt with a t- shirt underneath, coat, sunglasses, hat. He would have already checked his pocket for his wallet, maybe even flipped it open to see if his driver's license was in it. It always was. I always wondered why he was so concerned about being legal. As if the wandering policeman had a radar that told him when drivers would go by with or without that little piece of plastic on their person. As if our maroon station wagon with two adults and two children clearly visible would signal that same police officer that trouble was afoot even though we maintained a steady 54mph. We were sly like that- maintaing the casual appearance of an everyday family- man, woman, boy and girl. Yep, we were real good at looking normal and hiding.....well, ok, we weren't hiding anything but it sure was a good thing the driver had his license anyways.

Its funny, the things seen out of children's eyes. That's how truths become ingrained, I believe. We see. We see the action, the reaction and the consequence. For instance- Mom shaving her legs in the car = danger + embarrassement for her daughter. Ingrained truth= lack of planning leads to poor grooming. So true. How do I know its really true? Well, this apple didn't fall too far from the tree. And a little lipstick really does go a long way some mornings.

So, I wonder what could Mel be talking about. Well, have to go see. Except that my dialup (D*I*A*L - U*P)doesn't like her 'shabby blog" background so I'll have to wait till I get to work (high speed) to check out her blog. Hmm, maybe one of you could go check out her blog and tell me what ingrained truth she has associated with lipstick. It promises to be good. And probably Mom related...yikes, risky...


  1. Ha! What a fun piece of prose to read first thing in the morning! I'm having my routine drink and blog hop before starting work (on days I work from home), although today the drink is a bit late cause I couldn't get out of bed. Think my body was definitely on dial up this morning rather than super speed broadband!

  2. I like what you took from my blog that was really about looks and what makes us feel good. Maybe I need to dig a little deeper? Probably not. Going too deep could mean more than falling in muddy water. Anywho, I am emailing you the blog in its entirety because who am I to deprive you?

  3. Hi, Chris !! It's been a long time =) I've missed you, too and often thought about you hoping you are doing good. The lotus (from my little knowledge) only grows out of muddy water..yet it grows pure and clean despite the darnkness and mud of the pond. It eventually opens up the sun light. In Buddhism and some other eastern cultures, the Lotus flower symbolizes how a soul would progress in this world.. root in the mud, water through stem, then finally reaches the englightment.. So those who go through pain and suffering is only going through the right way to finally bloom and bring the sunlight. When I was growing up in Korea while my family were buddhist, I remember watching pink Lotus flowers made by paper hung on the ceilings of the temple.. and it gives me such peaceful mind. =)

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog and I'll catch up with your blog soon !!! xoxoxo


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