Thursday, January 20, 2011

Look at this face! I just want to pinch those cheeks!

I started right away to repair the broken bird. I was very dedicated and I have to say I'm pleased to report everything A-ok, in the end. Well, maybe not my broken rump but there's only so much that can be done about that- without surgery or worse- exercise.

I thought I'd pick up a brush and apply some color to big little lady's gown but there must still be some thinking to do because instead I found myself working on her eylids- which turned into lower lids and nose and forhead and eyes.

And here she is ready to speak to me (and you) and say something so very important. She is- just look at those eyes!

I'm a little afraid she's going to say "Hey! Why'd ya make my nose so big?" But I am prepared to tell her its just perfect. Those cheeks! Those lips! I can't wait to have her develop even more. But wait I will, its been another hellish week at work. I don't know what the economy has been in your part of the world but here, in Michigan, at my firm- we're way understaffed and running with the heat turned down way low. But, we're here, the doors are open and we trudge along.

One question that is nagging at me- what will I do with her hair? Really! I have only one idea and am not particularly sure that is the best one, at that. I will thicken up her neck-just a bit, not much. I don't want to get too realistic because, well, reality sucks! Ask my sore rump!

Next up will be her hands. I am putting that off because we all know hands are hard. I suspect they may actually be easier to sculpt than draw. I'll let you know. Then I have to figure out how to permanently attach the bird. Do I screw through the hands into the bird? Use glue? use glue and screws? Right now I have an extra long twist tie holding the bird in place.

I will hold my breath the whole time I am figuring this out, I promise, because- well, I'm jsut saying if my follower in France or my follower in Auckland hears a piercing scream off in the far, far distance they can be sure its me and something bad happened. But let us think positive and perhaps say a teeny prayer that all goes well. Right? Anyhoo, hope you all are well, warm and cozy and looking forward to Spring. I am!


  1. amazing!! my mom has an old wig you can have...

  2. she's so beautiful- I think her nose is perfect! what about some unusual hair options- you know like maybe wool felt, or newspaper, or dryer sheets painted up...I'm thinking something light but unexpected? Maybe 5 minute epoxy the bird to the hands? I would be really nervous if I were you too- hope I don't hear any screams- or at least if I do they are screams of triumph ♥

  3. Wow - Christine she is going to be fabulous, and yes - her nose is perfect! Not sure what I would do for her hair, but agree with Kim to have it on the light and unusual side.


  4. She is perfect! I lovelovelove the bird's chest - I am so glad you were able to fix him. You and I can join the sore ass club, although technically mine is the lower back. Maybe a doc will prescribe good pills and beer or something for us to get by.

    Good luck on her. I won't even attempt any art-related questions because let's face it, I would be wrong. I just like to look at it.

  5. Thank you ladies! Chinamommy- I appreciate the offer but I like to visualize your mom with her hair on. Kim and Sue- I agree totally, light and unexpected. Dryer sheets? So wierd that you mention that- its the third time they've been brought to my attention recently- twice metioned in articles I just read. I'm thinking her hair will be very wavy- sculpted but with lots of negative space- you know- breakable because I live on the edge of heartbreak at all times. Thanks for the input, I sure do appreciate it! :)

  6. I haven't heard a scream hopefully all is still ok. "Mind's been so cold here that my little ears are frozen to the inside of my bobble hat".... I'm loving her skinny neck and her nose stuck up in the air....confident and bowlshy. Clever girl... If her hands go horribly wrong... make pockets...have a good weekend.. Oh, you can always bung a natty hat on her head till you figure it's cold out there....

  7. Well... you KNOW where I am going with the whole "hair thing" right, Christine? Queen Nefertiti wore a very cool, sculpted hat "thing-a-ma-jiggy!" All kidding aside... what about a sculpted nest for hair? (do you know how crazy this sounds, even as I type it?) Seriously... it might be very cool, and like Kim said, it would add yet another "unexpected" turn! Daryle


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