Monday, March 28, 2011

And then there were hands...creepy hands.

I'm at an awkward spot on the big little lady sculpture. (and yes, on other fronts, I haven't made a decision on a doll head but instead have made two more) I want to start working on the glass portion of her gown. Because--- it will be spectacular fun with amazing results! Or a complete disaster. Either way, the anticipation is killing me.

But I can't start working on the glass until I have all sanding and messy stuff done. Who wants dusty glass, right? I must buckle down and do some hard things first. Like the hands. I don't know how to do hands of this size- haven't done it before. But I think...they should have some fair amount of detail and be somewhat realistic don't you?

The fun part of sculpture is building the skeleton. Because--- it gets covered up in the end people don't know if you used wire and tape or tape and a milk jug to get the shape you wanted. There's green for you- reduce, re-use and re-cycle! When ever I paint I save all that tape left over for later use in my sculptures- love it, it works perfectly! And it makes me feel better about the paint buckets I just added to the local landfill.

Here are the hands...kind of creepy, right? So, of course, I scared my children with them, repeatedly. Ah, the memories I'll have to look back on.

Then I had to attach them to big little lady's stumps. More creepy stuff. Had to shorten the stumps a little. I cringed and said to her- "Really, no one is getting hurt here but this is gross. Hope the neighbors don't choose this moment to start spying through windows!"

And then I said "Ok, this will hurt me more than it hurts you...especially if I slip..."

And then she had hands!

I added paper clay to flesh them out. At first they looked like noodles. They were skinny and perfectly posed. Hmmm. I put the bird in place and it didn't fit. So I took a couple of those skinny noodle fingers and broke them in several places. Again with the comments- "Why couldn't you just co-operate? Why do you make me do these bad things? I am not a monster! Really, this is for your own good!"

The bird was once again positioned in place and strapped in for safety. We all remember its other attempt at flying, right? Not happenin' again. The fingers were positioned better and then the cracks were filled in.

These fingers are much less perfect and much more realistic. No longer am I reminded of my mother washing dishes with yellow rubber gloves.

As a matter of fact, I am so happy with them I will post many more pictures than necessary to tell the story.

Ahh- the power of being in charge of your own blog.....

Ok, I'm done. And mostly the hands are as well. The arms, the neck, the face- probably not worth a post. But the will share in that journey with me...
Ok, must go. Just realized I have a new follower making her #60! Yay! But now I have to stalk her and find out just who she is!!!! Have a great day, all!


  1. Love the hands and your blog. Going to make myself a cup of earl grey and enjoy this grey, cold day stalking you right back! :)

  2. i was wishing there were 9 more hand pictues....i couldn't get enough :)
    She's looking great, you'll have her done in time to give her to me for Christmas, right?

  3. Her hands are wonderful!! I had a good laugh reading this post- I also talk to my work as if it is really alive :) I want to see glass work!!!!

  4. Wow, they went from creepy to cute! I love the delicate way the fingers are curved. You have such a way of telling a story, I so appreciate your humor :)

  5. Your talent amazes me, and I love how you walk us through how you go from freaky Skeletor fingers, to graceful lady fingers! It really does look wonderful - and not at all like yellow gloves. The birdy fits nicely, and I can't wait to hear about the hair. You didn't scalp someone for it, did you?

  6. Wow are fabulous! What a magical and intriguing post! I love seeing your process..I have always wanted to try..your work is amazing...and inspiring! Loooove the hands..beautiful! Shine on ! you are a super talented soul!

  7. Wow! The hands for the doll turned out beautifully. I have not had the time to experiment with making hands, you make it look so easy. I admire people who make flawless looking hands such as Du Buh Du designs, Black eyed-Suzie, and others, like yourself. Some day...maybe.


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