Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure- substitute other names...

I know, I know, I've been gone a long time! But here's a little snapshot into my life....
I don't advertise that I'm an interior designer- a whole lot, anyways. People think this and people think that....and my blog is not about my professional work life. Actually, I try not to let 'professional' become a personal descriptor. I find it limiting and boring. But once in awhile I do have some interesting adventures to share and this is one of them.

My firm, which shall remain anonymous due to any conflicting legalities, recently was involved in a 'spec project'. We designed the interior of a home on a very nice golf course, the home itself was designed by a premier architect and built by well renowned builders. We designed the kitchen, bathrooms, office space, laundry space, designed details such as mantels, paneling treatments- you name it, we designed it! And if it was designed by us- it was drawn by me. When it came time to stage the house I tried not to be involved. I can stage like nobody's business but having done it before I already know how physically hard, and time consuming it is. Plus, there can be personality confilicts (imagine that) between designers and feelings can get hurt. So really, I was not interested. I was however drafted to go on one trip when my boss was out of town and progress had to be made. So here is the story of my trip, in a U-haul, with a 19 year old who could be my little brother and a 16 year old who had no idea what was in store for him being at my mercy for almost two hours both ways.

This is Mike. He is the designated driver- both ways. I've driven a u-haul before for this job and it re-inforces that sometimes you just have to say "NO. I did not hire in for this." Kinda like when I spent six months not delivering messages because I did not want to be turned into the receptionist.

This is "the other Mike". He's sixteen so I did not feel that I should divulge any other personal information. Plus- teenagers! They are so sensitive! Look at his face- you can tell he didn't approve of having his pic taken. If only he knew what was coming up.

After the world's quickest run into Wendy's we hit the road. By this time the "other Mike" realized he'd left his coat at Wendy's and my cell phone was missing. It later turned up under Mike's butt. Thanks- and interesting- how I could not hear it ringing and he could not feel it vibrating.

Now, I think ahead. A victim of motion sickness I started taking Bonine days ahead so I was fine. But, also ahead of time I started making a top ten list. I'm somewhat famous for my David Letterman type top ten lists. I let the boys have one rule each because I'm nice like that. Here they are.

#1 and 10, (easy enough, right? See, thinking ahead.)
What happens in the U-haul STAYS in the U-haul.

#2 I'm in charge until I say Mike is in charge which will happen right about time to unload. I can re-voke Mike's in-chargeness at any given time. The "other Mike" will never be in charge because he's the youngest and that's just how the world works. The youngest is never in charge.

#3 Eyes straight ahead. We're three white people in a U-Haul. It already looks bad.

#4 When the cop asks- if he's old and fat- I'm your Mother and we're moving to Texas to be with your Dad. When the cop asks- if he's young and reasonably fit- I'm your cute older sister and we're just moving into the area.

#5 No talk of sports. If the discussion does turn to sports I will immediately share with you my one and only experience of birthing a child. Enough said.

#6 If anyone farts we don't talk directly about it. We use the code words "white fluffy bunny" and immediately roll down the windows.

#7 By Mike "Nobody passes this U-Haul"

#8 By the "other Mike" Oops, I can't remember right now...

#9 Potty stops whenever Chris needs them and as often as Chris needs them.

#10 Same as #1, What happens in the U-Haul- stays in the U-Haul!

This is the kitchen of said 'spec house'. If I drew it once I drew it ten times. I knew every dimension by heart. The cabinets are beautiful. They were made by the Amish. The range hood was designed by us as well as the island. Granite counters and butcher block top on the island. See the doors in the dining room? They open to a pantry closet. This is a relatively small house and the architect did not include a pantry. A house with this price tag must have adequate food and dish storage so this was our solution. How do you like that custom finish? Its yummy in person.

This is a shot of the entry into the living room. The paneling, real paneling, not the sheets that I gleefully tore from my parents walls, runs up the wall to about 5'-6" and really sets the tone for the house.
I love how the bedroom turned out. I didn't truthfully have much to do with it but I think its stunning- quiet and serene. My employer selected the upholstered bed and chairs. The view is of the golf course and stream that runs behind the home.

We incorporated built-ins wherever we could. Before you think we are too crazy talented- we copied this closet/bench from a magazine. There's very few 'new' ideas in art or design. The talent comes in knowing the when, where and how and the execution. I think this is adorable.

On the way home our witty banter proved too much for the "other Mike" so he decided to duck out by taking a nap. Mistake? Well, a picture is worth a thousand words.

We got home late and real Mike had to get to night class so he paused the U-haul at the door of our store and I rolled out. It was an excellent adventure- I'm sure- for everyone.

That's only some of what I've been up to folks. I just can't seem to get at my computer right now except to check in with my cloth and clay dolls where I am hosting a challenge called "Childrens Storybook Characters" wherein you are supposed to create a doll based on a meaningful character from a loved child hood story. I have over 75 members and am having performance anxiety. I chose Sara Crewe from 'A Little Princess' but can't seem to capture her likeness. So far I have 4 doll heads to prove my ineptness. My true stroke of genius was when I realized that one looked more like George W. Bush than a girl child. Strangely, that is the one I decided to continue to develop. We'll see how this all turns out.


  1. I hope you post your finished doll here on the blog! Looks like the trip was a success. Hoping a little more sunshine and less snow comes your way~ Theresa

  2. A trip in a U-Haul with 2 young men? Could either be lots of fun or terrifying. Glad you came out of it alive. And if you fall asleep you are immediately a victim, but aren't you breaking rules 1 and 10 by posting pictures? :-)

  3. Mel- I was actually not looking forward to it at all. I do not travel well so a Uhaul with all of its various smells = punishment for past wrong doings! But I put my big girl panties on and got it done. As far as rules 1 and 10- shh! Consider yourself on the U-haul- no one at work knows of my blog...

  4. wow- what an adventure! LOL at Melanie's comment!! I hope you post pics of the finished doll too- that sounds like an insanely fun challenge! The house is gorgeous- you should be very proud :)

  5. Oh, I can't believe you missed a chance to color on a young mans face with lipstick!!! You know my dream in life is to draw a Salvador Dali moustache on someone (who is sleeping) with a sharpie- you've been WARNED!
    2 of the many reasons i love you and we are twins:
    1. funny
    2. talented


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