Friday, March 18, 2011

Folks- if you ever needed proof that I'm insane....

Hey I belong to this fabulous group of artists called Cloth and Clay Dolls. All kinds of figurative works by all kinds of people. And...recently I decided to host a challenge wherein by a given date "we" those of us who decide to, create a doll based on a favorite childrens story book character. Easy enough- I chose my favorite "A Little Princess" by Francis Hodges Burnett. Nope, not so easy. Once in awhile I go completely crazy and this is one of them. I'm on #6 for doll heads. So far not one of them 'feels' like my Sara Crewe. To prove that I've really done six- here are the first five. If you'd care to vote on which one you like (but please tell me why) please do so....

Are you Sara Crewe? The famous Sara Crewe of 'A little Princess" by Francis Hodges Burnett? She must be here somewhere.

Why no, I am not. My name is Immogene or something very sophistacted like that. I'm French, like Sara, whose mother was French. Can't you tell I'm French by my pouty lips? But no, not Sara.

Are you Sara?

Why no, Honey, I am not. Did Sara ever have this goofy smile of joy on her pretty little face? Oh no, she is much more serious than I.

Are you Sara?

No, Sweet child, I am not Sara. I am more like that soft breeze you feel on a hot day. I am celestial and ethereal but I am not Sara.
(Ok, what-ever, Earth Goddess- Geesh!)

Who me? Heck no, I'm way too contemporary. I haven't decided if I am a hippy or a city chick but one thing is sure...I'm not sticking around some uptight school for girls! My boyfriend is picking me up on his Harley soon or I'd help you look! Good luck with that!

(Fine, but there was a time when you looked like George W. Bush and maybe I should have left you that way!)

Are you Sara....and before you answer just know that I'm thinking of quitting art altogether and going into nursing....

Oh....just maybe you ARE Sara...nice to meet you. Would you like a neck and perhaps some shoulders? When is the deadline for this challenge? I wish I knew someone who could extend it!

You know its bad when you ask your kid to look sad while you take her picture. Thank goodness this one is a drama queen who was all in for the acting bit!


  1. I can't tell you anything about the dolls, although I love your descriptions of them. Your daughter, however, has the loveliest shade of hair. Is that auburn I see there? People pay good money for that color and God gave it to her for free!

  2. Hi Mel,
    Hey I was just reading all your'pre-blog' posts and well, it makes me want to have another baby- so wonderful, all those moments! But- am dying laughing at your comments on Kayla's hair....2-months ago she asked if she could dye her hair blond. 1 1/2 months ago I thought I was going crazy because her hair was lighter, thought I was imagining it...even asked her...'are you coloring your hair and eyebrows and not telling me?' and then realized...swimming lessons in a bleachy pool! So yes, she naturally has a really interesting shade of brown hair and right now her shade was not free- for 60$ can get you, too, that lovely shade and learn to swim better!

  3. YOU WANT ANOTHER BABY????????? that right there is the proof that you are insane, NOT the doll heads!! It's ok people, i'm her friend in real life, I can say this to her!!!
    I say put the heads in a bag and draw one!
    your twin

  4. Okay, so is Kayla yours or your sister's? For some reason I thought the blonde was Kayla...?

  5. All, mysterious, intriguing, surprising, ironic ... Preo I prefer the sweet innocence of the latter with such clear eyes.

  6. I think your last doll looks like a little Princess....paint big eyes on her like your sweet daughter! I love the last doll.

    I know what you mean it is very hard when you try match a character...It took me a very long time many many drawings over a year to get a Nikki I liked!
    Thanks for your kind comments.


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