Monday, March 14, 2011

Here's a bit of beautiful...

Yesterday I was so hormonal! Know how I know? Well, I was finally tying myself down and following through on a commitment- it killed me it really did- and told myself I would do this floral arrangement- its beyond the 'comfortable late zone' and fully into the 'awkward late zone'. Not that any one has complained about it- just those insidious voices in my head. So I was doing it, today!!! This morning!!! Getting it out of the way so I could move on to things I really wanted to do- like my CAD homework.

So round about 4:30 5:00 I grabbed a bunch of the artificial (I would call them silk but we all know they are made from a cheap polyester at best- maybe a rayon- the days of 'silk' flowers are long gone but it does sound better....) Looked down at their infinite fake-ness and decided that they were "so very beautiful- enough to make me cry!" The colors- that creamy vintage-y vanilla-ish cream! That deep, mysterious, turquoise-ish blue! The vibrant burnt orange- the perfect compliment....ahhh....really, I still want to tear up.

Then I asked just who the hell was talking in my brain? These were fake flowers I bought at Hobby Lobby not some one's new born child!!! Oh my, she's gone round the florist bend and might never come back!!!

So here's how the arrangement went...its probably a good thing they weren't edible...there would be no arrangement and a lot of explaining to do!

Have a great day every-one! I still have CAD homework to do, I am still making doll heads for the Cloth and Clay doll challenge because apparently I am not really an artist and I can't make a Sara Crewe head to save my life. I'm on #5 now. Its bad. I'm in that zone where I go slightly crazy and need a sane person to throw me a rope and drag me back to shore. I did this with my baby nursery. I tried to have the perfect theme of jungle animals and flowers and bugs because I couldn't decide on just one theme. I painted the room three times. I shopped every lunch hour for the perfect fabrics. I tried so hard to meld the two themes that I became possessed and it started affecting my sales pitches at the carpet store. "Why, yes, this is the perfect carpet....for me. For my baby's room. It will go perfectly with yellow giraffes and orange daisies. Oh- your boat? I dunno- go to our outlet, throw some remnant in there! Its just a boat!" One wonders why I was not a success....
Oh yeah, I was leaving....


  1. Oh brother!!! You were hormonal!! What's it for? looks good and you know I know what I'm talking about :)

  2. Thanks twin, I do know that you know what you are talking about but I am not sure that anyone else will know that you know what you are talking about but so long as I know that you know- that's all either of us need to know, right?
    Really- it was the most beautiful shade of vanilla I had ever set my eyes on- at that moment,, today- eh, cream is beige is boring, ya know? Hormones, right? By the way- I used my New York, Jewish princess voice to say all that.

  3. Hormonal? I'd say so! I've never heard someone wax quite so poetic about fake flowers! You crack me up. Although, I will say that the finished product is a thing of beauty. You are a talented woman!


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