Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A happy ending!

And yes, I still have all my organs intact!!!  (Enough already- will she ever stop with that??? I know that's what you are thinking!)

Thank you for your comments on the sculpture.  Saturday I met with the young man who commissioned the piece and he brought his father along to meet me.  I had gently suggested that he do that- not knowing if it were appropriate or if it would make him sad in any way.  So I was very happy when the two of them showed up.
What a treat for me to meet this gentleman.  I genuinely  liked this man and I could tell right away that he had a lot of wisdom to share.  Over a bowl of chicken noodle soup I learned a little more about Mary, our gentle rebel.

She was a woman of ultimate kindness and yet balked at societies rules.  Her form of acting out was to wear bright colors when most would choose to be subtle,  to wear rings on every finger and a different nail polish color on each nail.  She was a teacher but her room was more like a jungle with plants and pets and lots of color.  She was the one they sent the problem children to and she welcomed them with open arms.

Yes, I would have loved to have known this woman but in a sense I did.  This is the magic that is art- the bringing together of people who may never have met other wise.

I wish I could make art all the time.


  1. What a great story. I'm so glad you got to meet Mary's husband, and I love even more that she was the fabulous woman she was. What a great first commission for you!

  2. we obviously haven't seen each other enough, i need to hear this story in person!


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