Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hello!!!  Yes, I know, I lost some of you on that last post.  Those who've been following me awhile know that I have a huge wacky imagination and sometimes....the scenarios that occur in my head are so awkwardly funny to me that I must share them.  So- no, I didn't really lose an internal organ in the middle of a shopping mall- actually, I haven't been in a shopping mall lately so its unlikely that it would happen there.  More like a 7-11.  Maybe I should restrict myself to Walmart if I must venture into a bigger store. liqueur stores still have surveillance cameras??

Finally, finally I have this done.  Thanks to Mary Hermans from Cloth and Clay doll who affirmed my color choices and really helped cement my decisions!  The large lilies are a deep red, now which really helped the color planning.  The darker color helps to anchor the whole composition and draws the eye through- whereas before the yellowish orange had no real oomph to it and my poor eyes wandered around looking for a comfortable focal point.  Paint them red and suddenly- there was Mary, front and center like she should be- magic!!!!

Mary is also the name of the woman for whom this piece was sculpted.  I can tell how wonderful she was by the loving description her son gives of her and the beautiful photos he sent me.

I noticed how pretty the light coming through my window was so I played around a bit and came up with this shot of the lilies.  Also, I added some twisting, twirling viny plants to soften all that negative space and lots of moss to make a 'garden floor'. This sculpt was unusually busy compared to my previous works and I had a difficult time getting to the finish line.

I am planning to deliver into the hands of the young man who commissioned it and am hoping he is able to bring his father along- Mary's husband.  I would love to meet him and see his reaction to this commemoration piece.
 Have a great weekend, everyone!!


  1. Chris, you didn't lose me on that last post. I knew your humor was taking over.

    Love this new piece!

  2. Chris, we artist have this kind of humor, that is what gives us the edge to create amazing art as you have with this sculpture. You are a very gifted artist, I love this piece.

  3. lost me? ha, i like to think it was thanks to me that you are even able to talk about body parts!!!! :) that is AMAZING, we need to go have coffee so i can hear all about the reaction, seriously, when are you free? call me!

  4. Always one to look for the symbolism in your work, I find that the tree roots at the bottom draw me in. It gives it a heft of importance. From this, I see a lovely woman who was fond of all types of growth. Except for deer apparently. The filthy, flower eating turds.

  5. So I came over from the Hive because you seem to be missing a post and here it is and here is your amazing piece of it:)


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