Thursday, April 5, 2012

How can I possibly finish my sculpture...

when I am so very obsessed with making my very own art papers???  Seriously?  Its not that I'm fickle (oh, yes I am...) its that i got this idea that wouldn't leave me alone.  It was like a pesky mosquito buzzing around my head and finally I just gave in to the urge to mess around with the tissue paper I've had stored away.

 I layered several pieces together and clipped them with a pant hanger.  Then I hung them in the bath tub and squirted them with water.  This stuff was the really good tissue paper from the art supply store.  It was laden with dye which immediately started dripping out everywhere.  Then I freaked out that I was ruining the tub ad my hubbie would kill me so I got the bleach to clean up the dye.  Which lead to me then spraying it directly on the paper as well to see that would do.  I might have been just a little insane by then but I was having sooo much fun.  

Finally I got smart and folded up the paper so the dye wouldn't all run off.

This is another version of my art paper.  I have a very old book of children's poems.  I made a copy of the pages, coated it with gesso on the top and then layered it with...wait for it....a dryer sheet.  Yep!!  Its sheer, its gauzy, it smells pretty.  I have been saving those sheets and using them in all kinds of artsy ways.  It makes great doll hair when you need something wispy.  I just used it for the little butterfly fairy to make her cocoon look more natural as well as for her hair. 

This is the other part of the idea.  Its a future book. One page of a book, anyways.  I know, it looks like a lopsided girl cutout.  That's cuz it is!

This is what the paper looked like when dry.  The white paper below is a handmade paper.  I love its lacy look.

Now, I should tell you how I am even more clever I am---because I am lazy.

Why keep making these papers?  How can I bear to use them and then not have them anymore?  I want to have my cake and eat it, too!!!  (really when it comes to cake- I'll eat it and just get more)

So I scanned each and every area of the paper that was interesting.  I made 20 new files that I can print off any time.  Now- the texture won't be the same as the original but I can take the file into other program and add text and such so that's a plus!

Alright- enough chatting.  I have art-ing to do!


  1. oh my gosh Chris--these are so beautiful and you are so clever to scan them in to use over and over! You would think I would get off my keister and make something when I see my friends making such great art! Gorgeous!!!!

  2. These are gorgeous!

    Clever, clever, clever!!


  3. Wow, great idea... love the effect.
    Thank you for popping over to see me... I was blown away by your comment, re my little paper dolls...


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