Monday, April 2, 2012

I'm wanting...

Its that time again....where I have I want a metal cutting machine.  And to paint on Burlap.  And in buy things.......artsy things and maybe some shoes.  Argh!!! But in the meantime- meet this little lady!!!

She's teeny.  She's tiny.  She's teenytiny, itty bitty.

Know why she's so small?  She has to fit up the stem of my buggish sculpture.  She can be no more than 1/2" round in any direction.  

Is she a butterfly?  A fairy emerging from a cocoon?

I don't even know her age- is she youngish?  After all she is 'emerging' right?  Well, what ever age or species- she's cute!  And tiny.  Now, back to wanting things.....


  1. Chris, she is REALLY great! Did you felt her?

  2. Thank you! No, she is paper clay but to give the impression of a cocoon I worked in some fine cottony fibers- from a dryer sheet of all things!:)

  3. ohhhh-she's so cute! I love tiny things, you know :) I can't wait to see more of this sculpture!


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