Monday, April 30, 2012

I'd like to introduce...

I'd like to introduce you to a friend of mine, Catherine Constance.  She's a wonderful gal I met  through her blog which I have been following for a year or so, now.  And over that time I have been introduced to many new phrases that, well, just tickle my fancy to no end!
 For instance- there is no other place I can find phrases such as-
"Toodle Pip, Darlings!"
"I'm off to watch princess stories on the goggle box!"
nor have I ever described my pre- summer swimsuit body as...
a "Flabby Tabby"
or "Flobbally Bits"
Seriously- I love that stuff, love it like tea and crumpets, love it!  By the way, she lives in FRANCE.  Much more exciting than Michigan.



So why did I finally decide to share her wonderful-ness with the rest of you?    Well, because she's a kind soul who took pity on my non- life- threatening- but-really makes- me- whiny- physical- maladies- of late.  She sent me these ladies!  They are paper dolls for  the girls and I.  I am the one with the hot sexy boots.  Kayla is the mod- punk girl and Brookie..well, that girl is just as sweet as her paper doll image is!  Don't you love them?  I do.  I couldn't believe how much prettier her work is in real life though.  The computer is not doing justice to her delicate water color and ink approach.

Now, I have to fess up that I stole these pictures right off her blog post.  Whew!  Honest- it was the only way I was going to get a post up today- I had to do it!  I'm very behind on a to-do list from this weekend but the good news is that I did get something done from another list- the "been waiting to do for two years now...list".  Do you ever do that?  When you have pressing things to do that you don't want to so instead you do every other thing you can think of but what you really should be doing?  I'm really accomplished at that trick!! 

Oh, Catherine- the girls wanted to know why I got the 'fashion' boots and they got sneakers.  I gave them my 'mom glare' and said "Because- I earned them, I'm the MOM! Now, hand my my tiara!"  And= thank you for my nice shape- its a little inverted, if you know what I mean!

Ok, everyone- here's how you get to share in Catherine's 'fun and nonsense'-

Hope everyone has a fabulous day- its raining here and my flowers are soaking it up!!


  1. Wow, Chris, thank you...You make me sound so much cooler than I really am. You get heels darling, quite rightly because you have earned them...young girlies get flat shoes because it's healthy for their growing tootsies...they'll thank me later when their friends have bunions and they don't. I'll say tootle pip for now...have to be off to make my Mr Hollywood pancakes, the French kind (crepes) with lemon and sugar....yummmy... big cyber hugs to you...xx

  2. Chris, what a wonderful girls!! Your friend Catherine is so talented! :))

  3. Christine you have a beautiful friend from afarand very creative drawer. I love her paper doll drawings. You are so right when you say France is so much more exciting than good old Michigan, I bet France is even more beautiful than Michigan.
    I understand when you say your behind on the to do list, i'm behind to, something in the air I think.
    Darlene (Enchanted Legacy LLC)

  4. Hi Christine! OMG..I love your creations! I just discovered Catherine through a workshop. Such cute little dollies she has made! Thank you so much for following my blog too. It means the world to have a creative sister like you to inspire me!


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