Sunday, April 22, 2012

I am sooo much better at this....

So much better at this than book making!  I want to make books though, I do!!

This is..well, I've been calling her buggish because I really can't decide what she is!  I like her though- do you?  

She has some rather fantastical butterfly wings on the back and are those antennae or horns?

I tried to integrate, for better or for worse and I thought 'worse' a lot of times- decoupage.  My problem with decoupage and mixed media is that I hate, hate the edges that show.  I want the 'work' to disappear but then that's hardly what mixed media is about, is it?  

I went over the wings again and again with different finishes but they looked plastic-y.  And if you think I hate edges- well, sisters and brothers- I hate plastic!!!!

But I love resin.  So I poured resin over the wings and then added some metal trinkets- for better or for worse and many was the moment that I thought- worse, definitely worse, I think I'll go make some art paper and then a book or two.  
And the butterfly fairy I made to go in her belly?  Too big.  I'm making an even tinier version and still have no idea how to make her hang up in there.  See these are the things I think about while other people are tending to finances.  Oh well,  as long as I have enough pennies to buy some paper clay I should still have enough art stuff to get me through my retirement!


  1. I think she is fabulous! I am just in awe of your little sculptures. I have never done that and I want to so bad. I love your process of thinking and working it all out. Reminds me :))

  2. Hi Chris, I think she's fun. Love her wings... :)

  3. Fantastic, I now have the urge to go and play with clay. Not sure my boss would approve though.

  4. Chris, she is fabulous! Love the wings and the antennae. The 2nd pic down is perfect, the light and angle and then the way the reflection of the glass is captured...exquisite! Have a great weekend :)

  5. Hi Christine! Thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog! I love your work too, it is always so fabulous!


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