Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Check out these weirdos!

Get a load of these two! You know how sometimes- well maybe you don't- you have an idea in your head that won't leave you alone??? I've had projects like this before... the end result not at all like that germ of an idea in your head, many the times you thought "eh, I should scrap this and start over! " But you can't stop and before long things are so far along that all you can do is try to find a point when you can call it done and walk away. Sounds like a love story gone wrong. Or a relationship with Tiger Woods. Sorry. Talk 'bout mucking things up! Oh wait, I would never have a relationship with Tiger Woods because he's married! And so am I! Is it really that hard people? Right and wrong, they are simple concepts- if you can keep them from getting mucked up!

Man, these guys remind me of of the baby nursery fiasco that I had to be talked down from. Chinamommy knows, she was there that long 3 or 4 months that I walked around our carpet store pretending to work but really was possessed with the need to create the perfect and I mean perfect nursery. I was sure it would include the colors pink and orange and green and yellow. I shopped all the stores. I wanted fun flowers and friendly bugs.
Now I suppose as a designer I should have gone for shabby chic toille. Tone on tone cream and soft faded pink. Nope, I wanted color, and not just any color but pink, and orange and yellow and green. Maybe I wanted some jungle animals, too. I had the cutest yellow giraffe and felt pretty strongly he needed to be included.
Actually I felt pretty strongly everything needed to be included- flowers and bugs and jungle animals and the colors- pink, orange, green and yellow. I hunted for the perfect fabric that would include those colors and found it after many trips. I went to every store I could travel to and back from during my lunch hours. Came up with some pretty believable reasons as to why I was late coming back, yet again! Joanne's Fabrics had a cotton seersucker with hot pink, light pink, yellow and orange flowers on it. I made curtains that were pink with yellow trim. When I say I made the curtains it really means I bought sheers, tried to dye them darker, poly does not take dye so that was a waste of my energy, and added yellow ties to them. I made a cover for the changing station that had yellow ric rac sewn in a diamond pattern over soft pink fleece outlined with a dark pink fabric and trimmed in the afore mentioned fabric that had flowers in two shades of pink, yellow and orange with of course green leaves. This may seem ordinary that a pregnant woman would sew some pieces together but you have to understand that me operating a sewing machine is like-me trying to slow a run away train by riding atop of it and yelling "STOP!" I made that sewing happen by sheer will power and grit. It was not pretty but, again, I was a woman possessed.
Did I mention that I painted the room twice or more because I wanted the softest shade of butter yellow but ended up with school bus yellow? That I bought white bread baskets and screwed them to the walls above the changing station to hold diapers and lotions? Of course they were lined with the appropriate fabric. That I didn't like the flowers on the comforter I bought so I painted them with craft paint which held up in washing but was never particularly soft? Yes, this project had some cute aspects when it was all finished but to this day I can remember the look on my friends face when she tried reel me back in....like the way you tell a person maybe they have a problem with the bottle....ready to take a quick step backwards if needed.... yeah, go ask Chinamommy about that....I should see if I have some pictures of that room....

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