Sunday, December 27, 2009

This is my new book. It is filled with gorgeous photographs of beautiful women. I think it may just be my new source for artful inspiration. I have been creating (mostly in my mind and then as concept sketches- oh why do I have to work?) mixed media clay and paper mache sculptures of ladies for about a year now. Maybe my next one will have grey hair and some wrinkles. What do you think?
What is it with me and old ladies? It is that I hope to be one one day? Is it that I am torn between my old soul and my inner tantrum throwing inner child? Right now I am hero-worshiping Sharon Tomlinson from the blog "all Nora's art". I want to be her- creating art in her studio almost every day..... ahhh... fabulous.....and her talent for creating these intriguing women....go see her at
I will continue on my struggle with my alter egos!


  1. Thank you Denise, for visiting my blog. I just checked our yours and what a very cool idea to help others save money in any way they can! I will be back to visit again.


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