Saturday, December 5, 2009

Update on "done by Christmas?"

Here they are! So far! And may I say I have so much to learn about painting faces? It shouldn't take soooo many tries- right? I should be able to get it done in one attempt? right? Not the case here! Anyhow I can live with these faces although they are nothing like I intended. I have to live with them- my room is not quite ready at the insane asylum yet- I requested a lighter shade of pink on the padded walls to contrast better with the lovely aquamarine I designated for the floor.
Can you see the writing? I have to make the image resolution smaller to get these to post- darn dial up internet! They are quotes from my writings or random thoughts I have had in regards to those little girls of mine. Nick-names have been included for posterity- sorry girls! The blond doll has a charm in her hair that says "angel" and the brunette will have one as well. My intention was to include several charms and some very old beads that lived in my mother's attic for much of my child hood. As that involves unearthing them from storage it may or may not happen.
The top photo is a craft project for my niece Mackenzie. She is the same age as my girls, cousin to Brooke. She lives on the other side of town and misses her cousins terribly. The idea here is that now she can sleep with her cousins every night. That's right- it's a pillow case. I used an iron- on transfer picture of the girls- inserted a picture of Mac in the middle. I did some writing and the girls added drawings and messages. We intend to fill this up with all kinds of drawings, messages, doodles- what ever! This is one of those projects that can't go wrong- its for a kid- created by kids. Fairly inexpensive, too!
Ok, have to go now. Hubbie has invited friends over and is furiously cleaning the main level. He thinks I'm down here cleaning, too!
Have a great weekend!

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