Monday, June 28, 2010

Real short post (as if I could....)here's some eye candy for all you artists out there....

I'm working on a transfer technique. It might help if I read some directions...I had some, I made a copy and I keep it...somewhere...

Last night I was thinking..."I really need to buy that image transfer book I saw at the bookstore!" But then Stern Self spoke up and said "No, you don't need to! You need to watch your pennies! Or else, you'll end up in debtors prison" Stern Self added.

Disbelieving and Unimpressed self yawned "Yeah, right, develop self discipline now...tell that to your the way they don't have debtor's prison timely of you.."

Whimiscal self said "Maybe you could take your books with you and do crafts with the other guests..."

Disbelieving and Unimpressed self snorted "Maybe you could go to the same prison that Martha Stewart did! They're probably missing her these days! You could be the next art diva in orange!"

"Shut up, guys!" Said Regular Self "She made the best out of a bad situation, she's got guts!"

"Mom....who are you talking to?" Said Brooke
"No one, honey, it's time for Mommy to come upstairs now."


  1. Love the eye candy! Looks like you're doing fine without buying any books.

  2. Oh, they are fabulous!!! I guess I'll be setting up your etsy store FOR YOU in the fall won't I?

  3. oooh they are fab...glad you found me and I found you back. love your writings here...wish I could spend more time but alas something else always pulling me away...I will visit again!!!

  4. Me likey! For some reason they make me think of really great, Victorian Christmas ornaments or something. There is an ethereal quality to those ladies.

    You and your multiple personalities just need to all sit down with a margarita and talk it out. That's what I do. When I don't have strep throat and spend my days wishing for the end.

  5. They are coming out beautiful!!

  6. Thanks, folks, I spent a lot of time on them this weekend and no- two are alike. Its a good way to spend a quiet weekend at home!

  7. I love how you struggled to write a short post - just like me! I tried Wordless Wednesday on once - it just wasn't me!
    Very cute dolls. The image transfer thingie takes a bit of practice, I'm sure there's a tonne of videos on YouTube. I use gel medium. You need patience!


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