Thursday, June 10, 2010

woe is me...

Art room, where art thou? Will I ever create again? Will I ever post again? I think not as a heartless employer (not really heartless) keeps me tied to my workstation and at the end of the day I have not even the fortitude to wait for my dial up to load the page.

My family agrees. Kayla had a talk with me about it. "Mom, you've been working too much and not spending with us!" "You are doing too much art- we never see you" Before you tear up remember this is the girl who came up with 'two gerbils and a rat' to describe the size of her mosquito bite.

"So this is what you wanted to talk to me about? Well, we could make the most of this time we are spending right now. How does that sound?" I considered discussing my job, my extra hours, all the reasons I need to work extra hours but it makes me tired to talk about it. I could tell her that I carve out time to do art as a secret revenge for having to conform to society- even if its at her expense.

"Not Good! I want you to watch me do a dance, its about me and how I was a princess in this castle but then.." "and then you can listen to my song..."

"LOOK, Kayla! Its a robin- over there in that tree!"
"Where...I can't see it, where?"
"Shh.....Just keep looking and be real quiet..."

Its a distraction technique. Feel free to use it.


  1. sounds like all you need is a new baby, a part time job at the KFC drive-thru and a hemmroid!
    i miss you....
    my computer says i spelled hemmroid wrong, that makes me glad.

  2. Oh sweetie! i am thrilled, happy and touched that my art project has moved you to want to try it out yourself!

    you should do a self portrait! it's great therapy!

    i'm now following you...

    hope to see you again and again!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  3. Oh, it truly is like we are connected. What is with the ebb and flow of life. I am more a fan of the flow and I'm seasick of the ebbing. I'm sorry this is a hard time for you, and I know how you feel trying to balance what the kids need against what we need as women and moms. I was just thinking the other day how much I LOVE and LOVED my mom, but how she didn't spend every second with me or listen to every word I said. She was PRESENT, but not always attentive, and in the end that made me self-sufficient and strong, and let me know that she was a person with needs too. Just a thought.


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