Saturday, June 5, 2010

A teaser

I really like to share work in progress. I like to see other artists work in the in-between stages and love when they post the story as it develops.

So here's how I treated the head/hair and it feels right. Just swept over one shoulder.

Can you see the hinges I used to keep the skirt closed? They are from scrapbooking supplies. Very fun and functional.

All along I have struggled with this piece's shape- long and narrow, strictly straight up and down. So not me. It became about creating texture on the surface both tactile and visual.

I also struggled with content- what was she about, did she have a message, was she merely a study or statement? In contrast to all the other ladies I have conjured up she is highly decorative and well- clothed. So what did that mean? But what do clothes mean anyways? What does our style say about us? How much of our look is dictates of our society and how much truly reflects our self?

And then there was the whole....hole. What was that all about? Recently Kayla brought up a book she's been reading. She loves it, she told me. She plans to read it again and again. I loved it when I was your age, I told her. I read it over and over. The book is called- "The Secret Garden" do you know of it?


  1. I love how the simplicity of her shape is enhanced on the outside by her decorative clothing and how, like all of us women, she is a lovely garden on the inside. It's great to me that her true "secret" is hiding inside of her and you just have to open her up to see it. If you want to get sexual, you could go far enough to point out that this garden lies between/inside her legs, but we don't have to go there.

  2. Mel- you crack me up! I think I choose not to go there! But now...I wonder about my true intentions in this....perhaps I should have put some thorns on that know Chinamommy thinks I am sexually repressed....I told her I was just depressed....hmmm....I might need a cold one to think this through...I can see why I could be repressed when the offspring of one's chosen mate continually (over the years, right now we're past that) throws up on you...its almost as if she's saying "really? You two mated?...ewww...I feel..." Yeah, not so sexy, right? Now, off to that cold one that never leaves me feeling old and used up!

  3. Oh you two!! glad I jumped in on this convo! I love her and I love "The Secret Garden"!! I didn't find anything sexual about her open skirt, nor the garden in her privates, but now....thanks to Mel, I am also in the fetal position! hahahahaha!
    I LOVE her, I think it's just amazing and can't wait till you can quit your job and do this full time- get on that, would ya? and that comment was NOT meant to be sexual in ANY way shape or form!

  4. She is fabulous! Thanks for stopping by my blog and your comments about my Mermaid(O: Oh and just for the record, I was in the passenger seat....ha ha yes there is no way I could actually draw and drive but I can certainly sit in the passenger seat and draw. Very funny "driving and drawing"(O:

  5. Hi Chris! Your WIP is looking magical already! I love her dress opening. Beautiful! Creative Blessings! :)


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