Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This week's favorites

Meeting up with friends, loved and dearly missed- Joellen!
My friend since I was a junior in high school, husbands were best friends for many years- lots of stories to share. This girl has the biggest kindest heart and a smile for any and all. She works full time and then some to feed two teenage boys all on her own and finds her grace in it all.

Favorite conversations with short humans-
MOM! My back hurts!
Stop sitting like a pretzel.
NO, really it hurts! There's a huge bump on my back!
REALLY! Its as big as two gerbils and a RAT!
Wow, that's big. Lemme' see.
Kayla! It's a mosquito bite!

With Hubby, not knowing SHE hears everything-
Hubby- "I asked the teacher about her homework she's missed. She said not to worry, Brooke's doing fine"
Me- "Well, I have a sneaking suspicion she really likes Brooke."
Then realizing Big Ears was listening I added "Umm, because she follows the rules in class."
Big Ears nods knowingly. "yeah, and I tried my best not to puke in class today"
Me- "I'm sure she apprecieated you trying your best."

That's right folks- Day One with out Vomit, things are looking up! Definately my favorite!


  1. Hi, Chris. Thanks for stopping by. I'm in northeast PA, and we had lots of rain this afternoon as I noted in my blog post today. We needed the rain because the grass looked like it was going to start burning up. Yikes!

    Have a great week!

  2. hooooooray for no vomit!!! I'll keep sending those good vibes her way- hoping she is feeling tip top and ready to cause trouble and have some summer fun soon!

  3. Thanks Kim, this has been really scary, I feel so powerless when I can't "fix" her. I think "Good Lord- I couldn't keep a gecko alive- how'd I end up with a real live human!

  4. Hi Chris! Such a great post! Reunions with old friends are always the best. I really enjoyed visiting your blog. Your dolls are beautiful! Blessings to you! :)


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