Sunday, September 26, 2010

Here's a bit 'o fun!

Art Doll Quarterly is having a miniature doll challenge. Fascinated by the tiny dolls I have been seeing as accessories to the larger art dolls I decided to challenge myself.

This creature and her Friend have a name of Thumbelina's legacy. You know she was a tiny creature who loved the outdoors and after many adventures married a prince? It only makes sense that her children and children's children would have some small magic. Like her great grandmother, this little lady loves nature and counts all creatures amongst her friends.

The bug will have wings, glittery, silverish wings. Little miss will be wrapped in a leaf, I think, I've tried everything only to find her cute little belly and bumm way too hidden- do I dare send her in naked as she is so cute just as she is? Hmm, I think not- wouldn't want some weirdo pinning the porn label on her! And hair? Just a wisp of yarn or wool? I'm leaning that way. Oh well, you'll see for yourself as she comes along!

Have a great day and by the way... have you looked up ART PRIZE yet on the web? They are saying on the news that this year it has gone international and was also featured in a New York publication as quite the event in the last place to be expected. A back handed compliment to be sure but still- New York! Check it out!

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  1. She is so darn cute! Will she have a crown? I can't wait to see more :)


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