Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm Ornery.

I am not PMS'ing either. I even bought myself a present, a nice crafty present to put together to satisfy my- artsy craving complicated by a not really able to accomplish anything because I don't really feel like starting anything because I'm ornery- kinda mood.

Have you seen the new jewelry line offered at Michaels and featured in Cloth Paper Scissors? The artist is Susan Lenart Kazmer. Its all these weird industrial gidgets and gadgets that she puts together and calls jewelry. Odd, strange little bits that I want to pick up and hold up to the light to see them better. They make me think of my dad's basement. He had everything. Every tool, especially for small things. He had pliers that would hold a tiny spring at a 38 degree angle if that's what you needed. And it was all dirty. He kept things like gears, nuts and bolts, springs, pieces of old tools and old toys, cords. Now-a-days we'd call him an OCD hoarder.

But when I pick up Susan Lenart Kazmer jewelry I get that same feeling as when I'd poke around in his tool boxes. Intrigued, I am. What do these things do? What did they used to be a part of? What year were they made? Did some man in overalls punch these little pieces out on an assembly line in the sixties or even the forties?

So today I told myself I would sneak off and buy the enameled flower-ish things I saw in her line- industrial CHIC- its called. I wanted the blue orange and yellow and thought I would just stick with those. I realized pretty quickly I would need spacer beads to get the look I wanted. I didn't want quite all the grouping she shows mixed and mingled together. (I have a small head (KIM) and wear glasses so too much jewelry gets to be -well just too much jewelry up around my small head. I have pictures from the nineties that prove it.) Unfortunately in effort to get something that went with Susan's flowers I picked up some cool industrial looking beads that as I just discovered do not fit on Susan's 14" collar necklace. Should have stayed in the product line!!!!

That's just one of the many reasons I'm so ornery today. My naughty kittens have lost their mittens, rather shoes. Two pair, one kid each, brand new, for school, picked out with minutes of my life that I will never get back, searched for with an hour of my life that I will never get back. Now, when they come near me I squint my eyes and say two words-"found 'em?" only to watch their shoulder slump as they turn and walk away.

My computer apparently needs work- when I shut it down it takes about an hour to load up fully and if you try to cut in while its busy doing that it will freeze up, forcing you to start the process again. My dial up is increasingly slow so I've given up trying to load pics on facebook. I just emailed them to someone else and asked them to post the pics, tag me so I can copy them onto my page. How bad is that?

I would end with 'my dog got ran over and my truck broke down' but I think I can top that with a 'I think my husband just got in the fridge to eat that last piece of chocolate cream pie' the one that I was planning to use to stave off the suicide jump. Oh, don't freak out. I'm not the suicide type- I think we all know that....but damn, sure wish those spacer beads would fit on my industrial chic- I already ironed a shirt to go with and now I can't wear- necklace!


  1. I was already feeling sorry for you but then I read the words 'dial up' and my sympathy went through the roof.... I would cry if someone took my broadband away from me...

  2. 1991 called, it wants it's dial up back! Oh my...
    hey, when are we going for coffee? You knw my schedule... :)
    LOVE that jewelry stuff at Michael's!!! keep watching it, waiting for a sale!

  3. I have an incredibly large head- lots of hats don't fit me :( Ohhhhh....I think if I had dial up I would be wanting that last piece of pie too. I love that artist- I have an awesome book of hers that intimidates me...I still have not tried any of the things in it:

    Maybe I should stop being so lazy and dig it out! I hope the kittens find their shoes, and I hope that some good karma heads towards you.....or that you just get to have a big old ornery fit...sometimes those are great to have too :)

  4. I am going to blame it on my dial up! I live on the edge of a big city and yet- dial up!!!! Enough said! Plus I'm trying to make the switch between having hours to spend on my art and having no hours so I am a frustrated artist right now. Anyhoo, thanks for listening to me complain- Kim's right, sometimes you just have to throw a fit to feel better- pie helps too!

  5. I'll have to remember to try pie the next time my computer makes me want to cry!!


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