Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hi Folks

Just wanted to say thank you to those folks that replied to my last post and e-mailed me. It is re-assuring to hear that I'm not going insane and that its human to react and sometimes over react. I considered taking that post down because I feel a little 'exposed' and don't really like putting myself out there for possible judgement or mis interpertation. In the end I will just have to pull myself up by my bootstraps and give it another go. When I ask myself the guestion- when do I call it quits the answer still comes back 'You don't. You don't quit on a kid.' So until that answer comes back differently I'm still in. As far as Brooke- well, if she didn't have Kayla around she'd be an only child. Coping skills, right? She'll eventually learn how to assert herself, maintain her own identity and deal with annoying personality types, err, I mean find the best in people even if she has to dig for it. So... hang in there with me, I'll be fun again soon, I promise.

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  1. Good for you! I'm still rooting for your team! No judgement here.


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