Friday, September 17, 2010

What could be cuter?

What could be cuter than a toothless grin and a milkstache? Not much, in my opinion!

Couldn't, wouldn't even think of, couldn't bear to give that tooth the one big yank, not even for a dollar, not for two dollars, not for five dollars which is half a webkin- thank goodness for Mother Nature- the tooth came out all its own- overnight! Thank goodness because I could hardly stand to see it flapping in the breeze and I just wanted to reach out (ok I tried to several times but she's fast) and rip it out. Have to get back to the ole' job! Good Day everyone!


  1. So CUTE !! Have a lovely Friday, Christine =)

  2. Oh yes, very cute indeed. My son has been missing his two front teeth for months, but they are finally coming through. It's a real rite of passage isn't it!

  3. What a doll! We should pair her up with my Big who is sporting a two-tooth gap in front. Although it's filling in fast with those new teeth. I know what you mean about those teeth driving you nuts. I paid that kid $20 to get that thing out of there before school started because it was making me die inside.


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