Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Its been buggin' me....

Does she strike you as an Edith?

Or an Estelle?

Perhaps Iris or Fern?

If her passenger were named "Emmaline"....

What would be a good name for this creature?


  1. Chris, I've been thinking about this all day! I think I like Iris because of the beautiful colors you've chosen for her- she's really beautiful ♥

  2. Kim- I couldn't get to sleep last night- instead of counting sheep I was thinking up names for a purple and green bug! I like Iris, too!

  3. Rachel- that's exactly the vein I was thinking, Ethel, Irene, Lucille, Rosemary, Phyllis....It has to sound good with Emmaline, direct decendant of Thumbelina...can you tell I have girls?

  4. Don't know why but she definitely strikes me as an Edith.

    Sweet, but looks like she could be a bit of a meddler too.

    Love her.


  5. Sue- is it those big eyes of hers? We'll have to tell her to quit buggin' around in other people's business!


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