Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Great! Just great!

I just checked in and immediately noticed I had a new follower, Tallulah Belle. I thought-I'm going to send her a note right away to thank her and say hello- right? Well, a screen popped up that said I had to join or sign in and I thought that meant that I had to be a follower of hers to leave a message so I "joined" and another screen popped up and said "Congratulations, you are now a follower of Chronicles of an unusual girl named Chris". YES, that's right, I am now following my own blog. Way to say thanks to Tallulah Belle! I think I need to go to bed and fix this tomorrow. I am way to busy to follow my own blog! Thanks and Welcome, Tallulah Belle!


  1. And, I'll change the spelling of Tallulah Belle's name in the post tommorrow, too.

  2. lol--you are not the first person to ever do this- don't worry. I am horrible at the computer myself-constantly have to have people help me with my blog. Tallulah Belle is the sweetest gal ever and I know she will get a giggle out of you following yourself--hooray for new followers!!

    Hope you have an awesome day C.!!!

  3. Hi, Christine. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on the spring/pastel colors I used in my new paper mache creations. I'm in the spring mood, so they're the colors I'm inspired by at the moment.

    I look forward to the updates on your blog!


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