Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Still waters run deep....

If still waters run deep then I am Lake Placid.

People have a tendency to make assumptions about me, I think, based on my appearance. Then at some point I surprise them by not being exactly who they categorized me as. I believe the category changes with the different people and is actually an interesting reflection of their own world view.

As I've mentioned before I kinda like to hang out on the down low. I don't readily verbalize how fabulous I am as it really doesn't come off that well. Plus, I like having the upper hand of knowing more about the other person than they will ever know about me. Its a control thing. With my husband I like to claim "I am the queen of witholding." Well-not to him- because why would I reveal that important bit of intel, never divulge more info than you have to! More in passing, when I speak of him, usually when I am really pist and I have to call one of my girlfriends to go over in detail just exactly why I am so upset.

But how do you explain to people- yes- I am Lake Placid, but my Lake Placid is the one from the movie where Betty White has started her own alligator farm- but before you get too frightened- Nessie from the Lach keeps the alligator population down a bit so the mermaids and mermen can travel safely to and fro. I know this because the little man who drives the aqua-car telegraphed me the message that all was well with the merpeople just the other day. He was on his way to the center of the lake where the secret door to the middle world is hidden by a large bunny shaped growth of coral.

Yeah, maybe its better I let people draw their own conclusions about me.


  1. I conclude you rock and this post made me smile. People come to conclusions about me too- sometimes it just takes too much energy to change their conclusions so I just go with it :) Sometimes it's fun to do something completely opposite of their conclusion just to mess with their heads a bit :)

    I was wondering what the secret door to the middle world looked like.

  2. Christine, I'm going to agree that you "sound" like an unusual girl indeed (I think I took more of a baby step and not quite a jump to that conclusion). And since I'm always looking for a good charity, yours was the best deal in town. So you can make me down as another follower.

  3. Yay!!!!! I love the world and Kim and Junkermidge!!!


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