Monday, March 22, 2010

Very Big Secret Exposed

This is a new piece that is a gift for a friend of mine, you may know her as Chinamommy on her blog. What is it you ask? Well, let me first give you the background of us.

"Us" met at a carpet store where we found we had been tricked by the sign outside declaring "Designer needed" Hah! Needed for torture through stagnation, perhaps! Now, I don't want to say we took that place by storm but really, I could. It was a sneak attack, a few tricks on the manager, a lot of hiding under our desks from real customers, a couple of intercom dedications.... HEY, carpet is boring!!!! Did I mention the pregnancy test in the bathroom and the subsequent announcement to the manager that I was preggers? M. stood up for me though, she claimed to be the father to save me from the shame of being 34 and not understanding the need for regularity in birth control. What? Merely my solid belief that I was not meant to have children and another solid belief that I would not be able to cultivate an egg into a human-not enough to actually prevent the event? ASTOUNDED, I was!

Well if that gives you a little insight into our relationship let me also explain that somewhere along the way we discovered we had a tendency to replace words in songs with what we thought they should say. To us "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John became "Tiny Pole Dancer"

Yes, I decided to celebrate all that is Chinamommy I would create a statue-ette in her honor. Not just any statue-ette but the grandmother of them all! (Because I have no other obligations in life, right now!) I e-mailed her, "If you could not choose brunette what other hair color would you choose?" The reply "Pink, no really, cotton candy pink! DONE! Cupcakes are a theme of hers, had to be integrated in- ok, as I see pink and red developing as a color scheme, "Cherry Cupcake" will be our little dancer's name. And, she will carry a cupcake and wear ruby red Mary Janes because Chinamommy loves Mary Janes. But she had to go and say she had a fetish for argyle knee hi's, didn't she? Damn, those were a bitch! So for revenge I added "Teddy" her real life dog she bought for her daughter. Unfortunately for her, as she really doesn't like dogs, Teddy won't leave her alone while the child is at school.
I have been in love with "Cherry Cupcake" since I painted her face on and its been killing me not to share pictures of her progress. I even tried to give her hints but she wants to be surprised so until she was finished I could not share with you all the gloriousness that is "Tiny Pole Dancer, Cherry Cupcake". But here she is!


  1. OOPs- I moved the post so it was further up the roster and deletd Kim's comment! So sorry!

    It's really just so amazing- you have done an incredible job and how awesome is the fun story behind it that gives it so much more meaning? LOVE the tiny pole dancer!!!!

    March 22, 2010 10:10 AM

  2. Only the most amazing gift i've ever been given!! i am a LUCKY girl to have been reunited with my twin at a carpet store!! LOVE LOVE LOVE her (& you!)!!!

  3. I met chinamommy through my blog and I adore her! What a lucky girlie she is to have a friend like you. Such a cool gift! Srsly. . .cherry pole dancer. Love it! Haha. Looks like you two have a lot of fun. Soul sisters are rare. =)

  4. I love the story and the dancer, but I can't pick which I love more. In my family, we always change the words to songs to fit our own needs, so I truly appreciate others for that as well. My mother always thought that "Careless Whisper" was "Hairless Whisker" and that never gets un-funny.

    Really a great job on the pole dancer. I wish I had real-life friends who are creative like that. We can pour a mean drink, but do little else with our hands.

  5. Mel- you crack me up! I'm going to post about mis-understood songs at some point! Hairless whisker! I bet she was thinking- "youngin's these days- can't even write a good song! And, really who's better off- the person who can pour a mean drink or the person that can draw it?

  6. Christine, "Tiny Pole Dancer, Cherry Cupcake" is awesome! I wanted to thank you for suggesting to use a bit more water with the Celluclay in the sculpting process. My friend also suggested the same thing, and it works much better.


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