Monday, March 15, 2010

I've got nothin', folks, nothin!

Except for this conversation I had with my hubby. You've had these conversations with your man, right? Please say yes!

Setting the scene- we're painting the tall wall. The wall by the stairs that goes up while the stairs go down. It's been needing to be painted for the six years we've lived in the house and finally with new carpet going on the stairs it became a must to rent the scaffolding-finally. So he's up on the scaffolding which makes me nervous. He is the breadwinner right? Or at least the one in the family that can make the cars run and the driveway clear of snow. I need him. But at 6' and 230, he's not what you would call graceful.

As I'm watching him try to be so very careful as he reaches far over the safety rail into the corner where the paint changes to another color I'm thinking do I tell him now that we're painting that wall so not to bother being so careful? Do I really want to tell him that and bring up the ensuing "debate" where he questions why it needs to be painted- do I just try to do everything the hard way to make his life more difficult -even though I will be the one painting it. And why would it be a different color? Yeah, folks, you explain "accent wall" to him- I'm 41 and after 20 years of marriage to someone who only thinks about decorating when he thinks its time to tell me what I'm doing is wrong, I'm not really up to it. Wow, I wish he would have set me straight before the 40 grand I dumped into my bachelors degree-in-interior design!

But as he leans over yet again I hear this whiny little voice in my head saying "OOOHHH, so dangerous....ooooh...." See, I do have a heart, because the other voice in my head was saying "just a little push....after all the scaffolding was rented, how were you to know it was faulty...."

"Honey, don't worry too much about that corner- that wall is going to get painted anyways."
"I said, don't worry about that wall, it's going to get painted a different color, so you don't have to be fussy"
"What? It's got to be painted? Huh?"
"Yes, but not that color, so don't worry about it , I'll take care of it!"
"Well why don't I paint it now, that doesn't make sense!"
"Because it's another color."
"Another color? it is?" He's color blind and an interior designer.
"Yeah, I painted this tan about 4 years ago after we moved in."
"It's always been this color"
"No, it was pink, we had a pink dining room, so I painted it."
"It wasn't pink, the bedroom was pink but this was white."
"Actually, the bedroom was white with pink roses pasted on the wall and pink carpet, this room was a soft baby pink, I have pictures if you need to see them...but it doesn't matter, I just said not to be fussy in the corner to make things easier for you! Don't worry about it!"
"Well, why don't you paint it while we have the scaffolding here- that would be the smart thing to do!"
"I thought, if I had time, I would paint that area while the scaffolding was here, but I really didn't want to bother you with it and if it happened great and if not I'd use the ladder that I used the first time I painted it 4 years ago when it used to be pink and I made it tan!!!!"
"I'd paint it now while you have the scaffolding, that's what I would do."
"Wow, that's a good idea. So glad I brought it up."

Just a little push, really, no one ever has to know....


  1. LOL!!! You are not alone girl- they just don't understand, do they? On the same theme, I really don't understand sitting in a boat half the day trying to catch a fish that my hubby has no intention of eating or even keeping.

  2. Kim,
    Yeah, that fishing bit makes no sense to me either! If you're not going to eat it to survive then aren't you just being cruel? Oh, well-it's not for me to understand, I guess! Have a great day!

  3. Ha! I know the conversation and the late realization that you should have just shut up and continued running the house alone with no input. But if we always did that, who would climb that big ladder when we have PMS or anxiety?

    I am with you on the beer! One of the reasons I work out so hard is to justify the bottles of wine and good beer I consume on the weekends. It used to be almost nightly but then my kid entered "real school" and I have to get up at 6:30, and that is hard with a hangover.

  4. oh hey girls!! I feel at home here in the comments with all of you that i know!! i'm with you- a small push and no one had to know! what is that you say? "sometimes an accident is a wife's best friend!" ha!
    Yes "M" does have mad interior design!


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