Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Isn't this lovely?

My friend Kristi from CheekyGreenDesigns.blogspot.com posted this. I think its fabulous and have always been drawn to felt so I thought I'd post it. Felt takes me right back to when I was a kid and my mother was always doing some craft project. It's pretty interesting when I think about the evolution of crafts during her time. Her sources were Ben Franklin, the local five and dime and Franks Nursery and Crafts. Here's what I remember about Ben Franklin- the smell in that old musty building and the really old owner who followed me around because he thought for sure I was going to pocket some 5 cent wood bead with a hole drilled in it. See- even then I was searching for inspiration- pretty difficult with an ornery old guy following you around!

But back to Kristi (see- even when its about Kristi-its about me, go figure!) She works in upcycled sweaters and wool. I upcycled wool once when I thought I'd help with the laundry- we always washed in hot and I put a sweater in that I was thinking would fit me and when it came out my favorite teddy wore it instead.

Oh yeah, Kristi- She has this art "room" in her downstairs that would make you drool. It has everything. Well, it is less one thing....confession time here, Chinamommy said I could take that spool of wire home with me from your crop- remember I was deep into the bracelet and she said your wire was better than mine? NOT to rat her out but usually its me being the bad influence on her....

Kristi knows how to throw a crop, too. She had contests and presents. I'm still trying to figure out how to get those pictures of me off facebook because my ugly sweater fromt the ugly sweater contest makes a liar out of all those other pictures I carefully selected to make me look gorgeous to all my highschool facebook friends.

Yep, that's my post about Kristi. Did I mention that she looks like a certain celebrity from HGTV? Paige Davis, no less!


  1. It is beautiful! I remember Frank's Nursery and Crafts- does that make me old? Don't tell anyone else, ok?

  2. Thanks so much for the mention! Coming from a true artist like you it's very flattering. Oh, and as for the wire, I'll just steal something from Misschell's next time I'm there!

  3. Bleh! True artist my ass! Working on it though! I'm with you- what do you want to pilfer from M? Let's go big- like the dishwasher or something...


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