Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm way sneaky, I'm too sneaky for my ....

Well, you know the song I'm too sexy for my shirt...what? Who thinks up these things anyways! So, I haven't been posting much. It's not that my life has settled down any, crazy things still happen every day but you know me- if I don't write it down its gone. I've been busy! I've got company coming and a house that hasn't been spring cleaned-in years. I'm overbooked in all areas. A trade show coming up at work, a wedding that I, and Chinamommy (yeah, that's right, I remember co-ercing you into saying yes, probably the real reason you want to poke a fork in my eye!)are doing 33 arrangements for in the same week as the trade show. I may die-I do have high blood pressure you know! And, then there's this learning studio art gallery opening up that I have weaseled my way into. Oh yeah, let's not forget the drafting class I teach is being re-vamped into a technical drawing class and they "need" my input in revising it...yeah, catch me if you can, fellow professors....better put your roller blades on!
So what am I being sneaky about? Well, for one thing, I'm down here in my office posting but hubby thinks I am hard at work cleaning up this minor flood he caused. Ok, if you go by the version I gave him its really a major flood and as a former flooring expert I felt it my duty to apprise him of all the damage that could occur.

MOLD, I say, black mold under the carpet and wall. Carpet seams pulling apart. Water stains on the wood work near ground zero. "I'll be here all night!" "Don't worry, luckily- I'm good at these things. The carpet cleaner is pulling some of it up and I'm getting as much as I can with towels. The space heater, a couple of fans and the dehumidifier should get the rest!" I have the carpet cleaner running right now for sound effects. I ran upstairs twice for new towels. Truthfully, I am using the carpet cleaner- to get those two areas the dog pee'd on in the last thunderstorm. Been meaning to get that done before the company comes!

Yep, mischievous and devious, that's me. If only I had the opportunity to use my powers for good and not evil. Maybe some day. Excuse me now, I have to move the carpet machine to a new spot before the rotating brush wears a hole in the carpet. Don't worry- dry rot will explain that away if necessary.


  1. oh yeah... that darn wedding! I think i have a 401K to run in that weekend...

  2. You are too funny! Hope you catch up soon- good luck with everything!!

  3. Ha! At least you have somewhere to go to hide! My 1700-square-feet do not provide ample hiding spaces. I used to just grab a beer and get on the phone and that would keep him out of my hair for hours, but I'm too tired anymore to try. It's funny that your hubby respects your privacy, but I bet that was only because he thought you were cleaning!


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