Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bloom where you're planted!

That's how the saying goes isn't it? I've been driving over this little plant for a few days now thinking "Ooooh that's gonna make hubby mad- seeing that plant in the middle of his expensive driveway.....!" But I believe in messages- whether they are the ones unexpectedly set before us or the ones we imbue into an everyday occurance. Why would I notice one little weed that cropped up in the middle of a crack in our drive? Maybe because its at the crest of a hill and the sun behind it highlights it very dramatically. Maybe because I'm dramatic. Maybe because when I see it I wonder how such a tiny seed could find its way into that crack and survive long enough to take hold and thrive? It sure puts a slant on the term opportunistic. Maybe I notice that little weed because its beautiful in its existance. It bloomed because it could. I think we should all bloom because we can. What permission are we waiting for? (By the way Kim- I have a weird toe!)

You know I love kids art, right? Thank you, by the way, for all your replies to my personal children's art challenge- the response was overwhelming and I will get that slide show up and running soon. Anyhoo, Brooke gave this to me tonight. "This is me and this is you and this is Dad and this is Kayla. Sorry I made you look fat."

Finally- thought I'd share with you this exciting new art project I'm working on. I'm hung up on bare feet. Makes sense, right? Summer, beaches, bare feet....trouble is all I see when I look at this are those Dr. Scholl's feet cushions you put in your shoes! Its cracking me up. Great art, Chris! You just re-invented the odor-eater!!!!! I'll let you know what develops- fungus and all!


  1. I believe in messages too- and I still have crooked front teeth :) I love Brooke's picture- it's wonderful! Things like that are what I miss the most about being far away from my nieces and nephews. I'm intrigued by the foot- do you have a vision behind this you're not telling us about yet? I'm doing the July challenge from June at theme is dream and I'm blocked so far! Keep on blooming girl ♥ I love visiting your blog-you always make me smile and laugh :)

  2. Hi Kim!
    I thought you'd like the toe reference! As for the foot project- picture two bare feet dangling from a branch by wire with occaisional bottle cap or sea shell on the wire. On the feet a musing about freinds crossing paths. That's all I have right now. I e-mailed your blog about the July challenge. Hope you got it!

  3. Yeah, yeah, I know- i before e except after c. God help my typing and my spelling.

  4. I have always been amazed by the endurance of life...and by its fragility... the first picture resumes all my thoughts on the matter


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