Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Newest Face of Prescription Drug Abuse in America?

"You expect me to believe this?""
"Why YES Dr.!"
"That your dog has a dependancy on Zoloft?"
"Who's to know if its JUST Zoloft? Although that is the most interesting drug in there!"
"Yes, that brings up the feasibility of a border collie getting into a medicine cabinet...?"
"Well, doctor, its not really a cabinet. More like a lavendar colored bin on a shelf in the linen closet."
"But still- aren't the bottles child proof? Do you see my confusion here, Ma'am?"
"Yes, I do, sir. SHE'S A DOG not a child. Does that help?
"Okay! Enough already. Why are you bringing me your dog today? You already know what drug she's....err....taken."
"I'm afraid she's OD'd. You see it appears she took 1/2 a pill which you might think would be just right but then perhaps it was too much because ten minutes after I ga...after I caught her red pawed....she fell down. It takes much longer for it to do anything to me....and I've never fallen."
"She's 40 pounds! Half a pill meant for a grown human would knock her off her feet!"
"OH yeah, I can see now how that might."

"You know, Ma'am, they do make happy pills for dogs that are afraid of fireworks- in the right dosage and everything. I could help you with this."

"Sounds like a good option. Now, if her pills should accidently get mixed up with mine- ya know, by accident of course, what kind of reaction could I expect?"


  1. LOL!!!!!! Please don't take any doggie downers- I'd hate to read about you on the odd news on the internet!

  2. You are killing me! I've always heard talk of "elephant tranquilizers" but you put that a bit in perspective for me.

  3. Honest- I have tried everything else with that high strung pup- I've played ball in the middle of the night to keep her distracted from the thunder so many times now- a person's gotta sleep- ya know?

  4. Hi Christine! This is such a funny post! I am going back and read more of your blog! I haven't used the Chartpack markers. The Copics are alcohol based and the Chartpack are,Xylene based?? Well, you would know better than me. I think the thing about the Copics is that they blend so well. I sure the Chartpacks do also.

  5. Those of us with pets can certainly appreciate this! LOL, great post!


  6. Oh my!

    Not sure if I should say "poor puppy" or "poor Chris".



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