Saturday, July 17, 2010

Helen's neighbor lady and three girls spooning.

I had to hurry and get this one finished.

I was perusing a Cloth Paper Scissors magazine and came across a call for a 'winter holiday swap'. (Its the issue with orange at the top of the cover page 64, I believe!) I thought, I could do that...then I saw the required dimensions. 5x7 was no problem it was the 1" thick that had me running downstairs with a tape measure. Only this lady had a flat enough face. The tip of her nose comes under the 1" requirement by a nose hair! But she sure wasn't wintery! Orange and pink and sky blue- wintery? So I tried everything in my box of tricks and somewhere along the way came up with an idea to have her hold a cut out of the state of MI. But I was like- still not wintery- not like a snowflake or a tree..... and so the State of Michigan Christmas Tree came into existence and now my life is complete. By the way her hand points to my county. I think I'll make some more of these for the- dare I say it- Etsy store I might, just might- open this fall. I'm really diggin' them.

Just thought I'd throw this pic in. We had cousin Mackenzie over for the night. The fight of whose bunk she should sleep in required a mommy solution of everybody camps out on the floor with Mackenzie in the middle. Upon checking on them this is what I found, Brooke and Kayla both turned towards Mackenzie and one weird doll eye staring malevolently at me. Who would have thought I'd choose art dolls as an expression of my creativity when dolls are so freaky????? Luckily I didn't wake up to find the doll lurking over me with a toy machete. We're all alive- thank you for the concern!


  1. Hi Chris! Your winter holiday swap turned out magical. Love how her hand points to your county. Very cute and clever. Thanks so much for your sweet visit! The fabric I used for that piece was burlap. Wishing you a creative week! :)


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