Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Remember the Odor Eater!!!

Or maybe it was Remember the Alamo!

Welcome to my learning experience! I am trying to figure out how to transfer an image. I had some instructions. I think I did it wrong but.... something... happened.

I reversed an image on the computer and printed it out. Not my laser printer which is still at the store but my regular 'ole inkjet. I used gel medium, coated both surfaces and stuck 'em together. (Notice my professional terms as I lecture.)

After the image had dried completely I wet the backside of the paper. That part was easy to get right as it was the side sticking out.
Starting in the center I rubbed the paper gently until it started to roll up. I worked my way outwards.

Rolling, rolling....not the first time I tried to learn how to roll something... that didn't end up so well either.... The foot on the right is what it looks like when I am all done rolling...right? You see a foot there, don't you Cheech? I rubbed some areas too much and removed the image all together. I liked it. (I'm trying to like the things I do in my art rather than beat myself up over mistakes.) Really, it has a cool surface- like a real thin paper- smooth with a slight sheen.


I realized that some folks put the gel on the image (backside of a reversed image, that is) and let it dry, rub off the paper and end up with this slightly plastic looking result. Pretty cool in its own right.

A Comparison-

In the end I have decided to stick with the first method but will come back to the other for later projects. I like the see through bit but as I intend to paint over some of the surface for this project I'd rather have the flatter smoother image to work with.

NOW- IF ANY ONE has any advice or experience with this please let me know- I am looking for any advice or help. I will keep you posted. Right? This is real, right? Not some teenage flashback???


  1. That looks awesome!!!! I love the way it looks!!

  2. I really like the first one you did- I've only ever done it the second way- where you end up with the "plasticy" transfer and then you glue that down to your surface. I've seen a packing tape transfer done before too- but that leaves you with the shiny packing tape surface and it's the same idea- you're left with a transfer you have to glue to your surface. I can't wait to see more of the "odor eaters"- I'm liking them already!

  3. Hi, Christine !
    How long did you let it dry? I think if you let it completely dry.. like forget about you've done it.. then when you rub off the paper backing, it won't damage the image that much.. i wasn't able to able to get completely clear image either with my trial, but it's all about letting it dry completely, I think !
    Lovely feet, btw ;0))))

  4. LOL...I love your posts, you have such an awesome sense of humour - I find myself smiling when I read them.

    As for the transfers, this is something I have always wanted to try and have just been waiting for a tut such as you just gave. I like the first one best - must try my hand at gelling and rolling. LOL


  5. I like the second method. If it goes wrong, at least you don't ruin your work.
    But your first looks great too :o)

  6. Great comments, guys- really I am learning as I go so I appreciate the input.

  7. i'm utterly confused about what you've done and what other people do... the difference that is. i guess when i finally start doing transfers i'll get it.

    i love anything to do with feet!
    thanks for sharing your process, and yes! love your 'mistakes'.


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