Friday, July 23, 2010

Earth Whispers

"Grow." said the Earth "Reach your roots down deep into my soil and I will secure you."
"Grow." said the Sun "Reach towards me with all your might and I will nourish you."
"Drink." said the Rain "Drink me in and I will sustain you."
"Dance!" said the Wind "Bend with me and I will teach you resilience."

"I am not certain..." I said "that I can trust."

"Look around" They said in unison "does not the grass and the trees grow?"
"Believe." whispered Time "Believe."
"Believe." said the Moon, newly entering the sky.
And the birds sang the song of ending the day. When they were quiet and shadow wrapped me I began to hear a noise steady within me. Thump.... thump....


  1. Beautiful!


    Blogger Word verification is "lifeis"

    fits this post!

  2. my word verification is: pabireae.... also appropriate!

  3. Love it. Very earthy and true.

    Since it's a trend, my word verification is untili. I guess it's appropriate.

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  5. Ooh, I like how blogger just called me an author! What I said was that Chinamommy is a weird chick! I don't know what that says about the company she keeps.

    My word verification was molyti. I fear it is as inapropriate as me.

  6. You had me at "Why should i follow this clever girl, I like you.

  7. You had me at "Why should I follow this blog" Clever girl, I like you.

    My word ver. is hakedinf
    seriously? HAKEDINF

  8. This is such a beautiful post !
    Reading it with my eye and Feeling it with my heart :)))


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