Monday, July 5, 2010

There's an Ap for that!

My girlfriends from highschool, middle school and elementary did not want me to take their picture before we went Kayaking down the river on the 3rd. "You have your hair done- its not fair!" They whined and made me put on a hat. I knew what they were thinking- Great! Its either going on Facebook or her Blog. Yep! You know it! How's about both?

But while I thought it was really a pretty good picture of all of us I do try to be sensitive to the feelings of others and even as I am typing this I'm thinking "Blah, blah, blah- who the hell cares what we look like! We're standing upright and that's something to be said at 40ish right?" So I photoshopped the picture just a little.

So we had a good time, too much sun, a little booze- got caught up on all the gossip. I can tell you we looked a lot worse at the end of the trip than the beginning. One lesson learned is that even at 40-ish if you go alone on a trip, even though you mention your husband and kids many times that you may just find yourself the subject of some unwanted attention. And NO, Brody, I do not want to ride in your canoe- on top or otherwise! Somehow its not flattering to be hit on, kidding or not by someone who knows nothing about you. "Sure, Brody, let me hop on in there with you- I may have to duck because my jealous husband just go out of jail and could be hiding on the banks of the river polishing his machete. By the way- what are your political views?"

Now here's someone who's having a good summer! Even though we've been bitten by the struggling economy bug- pretty bad- our kids have no idea that their life isn't great and why should they? Swimming, fireworks, more swimming, lots of un-monitored tv, life is great!

I have fun pictures of Kayla, too but this post won't let me add any more pictures. May have something to do with my photoshopping!

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  1. Ha! Your river trip sounds fun, but I really need at least one man there to paddle the boat while I sip my beverage and talk!

    And I know what you mean about this summer and letting the kids be free and have fun. We are going to have to crack down in about a month, but for now the fun is on!


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