Sunday, December 5, 2010

Another book? Is there money left for Christmas?

Fear not, Chinamommy, like I said, I have your gift. Actually, I bought this book awhile ago but just got around to scanning and uploading which takes for-ever...did I mention I live just outside one of the biggest cities in my state but I still have dial-up? ARRGH, doesn't begin to cover it.
Back to the book-

I have these fantastic pictures of daughter Brooke sleeping that are going to end up on canvas.... and that canvas will be gessoed...don't worry, I have a plan.... but....I have to get them to the firm that will make this happen in a format that they can work with and while I could just send them my jpeg I prefer to modify it first. I was playing around with a low level program on my computer and gave her this dramatic spotlight effect where in the center of the pic remained true and the outside edges blurred into darkness. Instant drama and I was hooked. But....what if the low level program I was using is not good enough and all my effort is wasted on a less than acceptable result? (repeat- I am not a perfectionist, I am not a perfectionist, ok, maybe a little around the edges....)

This is one of the pictures by the way. 'One of' because I can never settle for one of anything fabulous...

Oh yeah, the book. Well, with this project burning a hole in my brain I was off to the book store and the book store did not disappoint. Has it ever? The very first project in the book is creating a 'vignette' effect. All you need is Adobe Photoshop or more specifically Photoshop Elements. I have Creative Suite 3 Premium and have not really cracked the seal because....its on that darn Mac laptop that I bought off a student but really don't know how to use....(insert sigh expressing great angst.)

Oh yeah, the book....
By Susan Tuttle
Well of course, I love it. I find it quite user friendly in its set up. First it guides you through all the tools, simple processes like setting up files and working with layers. Then it takes you through multiple projects using all kinds of mixed media applications, each are step by step.

I don't know why- maybe because its explained by a female artist it seems so much easier to understand than even the photoshop for dummies type books I already own. I do recommend it to you but of course- I want you to browse through it to see if it meets your comfort level.

by Susan Mckivergan
There's a style for every one's taste in this collection, 25+ different examples of work, actually. I chose a couple I found intriguing.

by Tiffini Electra X
Oooh, does this mermaid seem just a bit 'Art Noveau' to you? Well, she's pretty, that's for sure. One thing I haven't mentioned yet is that this book contains a c-d with a few brushes and textures for you to use as backgrounds. Not a ton of them, but enough to get you started and the book does share how to create your own "brushes". Honest, it seems easy enough. Now, how to clone myself so that I can work, mother and create great art.


  1. i just bought a new book yesterday too! I hope you're using your 40% off coupons at JoAnn's!!! So glad my gift is bought already... I think I need a peek at that book, I have photoshop and it may as well be written in scares me!

  2. We should take a class together! Wouldn't that be fun? And no, you know I am not 'one with the coupons'- its how I differentiate myself from my mother- the coupon queen! I fly by the seat of my pants- make decisions based on whim, live vicariously through my daughter....oh wait, starting to sound like my mother.....

  3. funny...oh how often I have also wished for a clone of myself....! you are a funny chicky! great post...great photo....

    and I say...books, books, and more books!

    and I love my MAC!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina


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