Sunday, December 12, 2010

Merry Christmas, Everyone.

Thought I'd share a peek at my tree with you. I just finished grading 30 final projects so I don't have much going on in the art department.

I do have a fabulous bird sculpture to show you. Fabulous because I had no idea that I could sculpt and animal. I've never tried! You may remember the bird from earlier posts. In its breast is a hollowed out spot for a ballerina that twirls around. Guess what? Broken music mechanism! Over wound like me. Try to find a music box mechanism when you need one. On line prices are daunting. Sure, retail stores have plenty of $10. jewelry boxes. You know what you get for ten dollars? Ballerinas with palsy. Yep, a lot of twitching and jerking for ten dollars. I have one on order from a jewelry store.

I was a florist for seven years. Anyone who was ever a florist has had a turn or two at decorating trees. Traditional trees, contemporary trees, fishing trees, teddy bear trees, fruit and flower trees- you name it. But I have to say that my favorite tree has always been mine. (I should say 'ours' but I can barely let go of control long enough to have any one else touch it so it really is 'mine'.)

I've been asked "What kind of tree do you do for yourself?" I dunno what to call it- its the same every year. White lights, gold, ivory and silver ribbon with an angel nestled in a fluffy bow at the top. Then throw in ornaments of every color- red, green, hot pink, purple, a little but not much royal blue. The ornaments tend towards old fashioned toys, musical ornaments, romantic and a few baby's first Christmas ornaments. Every year since I was married I have dated the ornaments I bought. After twenty years I buy maybe just one a year but I like to keep to the tradition. The tin Pinnochio you see below is one of my favorites. The green carousel was made by my Mother from a kit she bought at Ben Franklin's Crafts. Remember those?

At some point I fell deeply in love with Mercury Glass ornaments. My small collection usually hangs from the ceiling around the angel.

I think people are disapointed when I tell them that my tree has no particular theme. I think they are expecting something more like "It's dedicated to Princess Diana and is decorated in designer gowns and expensive shoes" rather than my "Well, it just looks like the Sugar Plum Fairy came to visit awhile."

When I decorate my tree I feel a little bit like this child- daughter Brooke at 5, enchanted by the idea that there really is such a thing as Christmas Magic.


  1. did you put tacks in the ceiling? That picture of B is gorgeous!!!!!

  2. your christmas tree is gorgeous Chris!! What a bummer about your music box! I can't wait to see the bird with the ballerina in place- you don't have to make a completely new ballerina now do you???!!!

  3. Ours is not a themed tree either - we have decorations of all shapes, sizes and colours. Many of sentimental value which the kids made or which were mine as a child - much nicer and more meaningful.

  4. Oh! Your tree is beautiful! I want to sit next to it with a cup of spiked cider and share my day with you while looking at the snow out of those lovely windows! That picture of Brooke is so pretty too. And I am the same way with my ornaments. My mom taught me that they only become special if special attention is paid to them. I have some really old ones and some new ones that all mean so much to me! And I am way jealous that your ribbon looks so much fancier than mine.

  5. Chinamommy- yes, tacks- is that a bad thing?
    Kim-I don't have to make a new ballerina but have to figure out how to get mine from its shaft/spring to the new shaft/spring. Do wish me luck would you?
    Potterjotter- I just went to your blog. Yummy snowflakes! Please stop by again.
    Mel- you wold be a great gift to find under the tree especially if you brought your spiked cider! Thanks guys! Hope you are all having a great Christmas season!

  6. Hi Chris! Ohhh I love your tree!! and the ornaments hanging from the ceiling!
    Hope your have a wonderful Christmas!

  7. Gorgeous tree! I think your description is perfect. I'd much rather have a tree that looks like the sugar plum fairy has visited than one with a particular theme. Really beautiful :-)


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