Thursday, December 23, 2010

Eye Candy for You- no calories!

This was on my daughter's Christmas list to Santa. She wants a necklace that says 'Dogs' and a charm bracelet. Whatever your sweet little 71/2 heart desires. Its only money. How can I compare repairing a car to the dreams and wishes of a child who believes in Santa?
This is a do-it-your-self-er I bought from Hobby Lobby. The bracelet comes strung with beads and jump rings. Then you add the charms from their vast selection and Viola~ you have a personalized gift that will probably be lost by the end of the school year...ahh the dreams and wishes of a 7 1/2 year old.

Hey- here's a tid bit from the art world part of my life! I'm still waiting for a ballerina to arrive so I can finish the bird. So in the meantime, I have just started tinkering with the gown. I'm stuck on cloisonne` and capturing spaces with wire. This portion looks somewhat like a stained glass pattern to me. I dig it- How about you?

And....what you do for one you do for the other....while B. is the saviour and lover of all animals Kayla is my performer. American Idol watch out. She has a guitar and may even get lessons some day....she loves to sing and dance. She sure has stage presence...I just have to get her to stop adjusting her tights while singing. Those hands....always have to be busy....


  1. followers... You can thank me later!

    your sister-twin

  2. Hi Chris, I just came over from Chinamommy's blog...I'm your no 50 follower! I look forward to reading your blog over the Xmas Holidays!

  3. Yay!!! I have been secretly wishing (well complaining and whining and co-ercing to Chinamommy) that I get to 50 followers by Christmas! I don't know why some folks jump from 5 to 125 so quickly but I have really struggled. Maybe its because I talk about my problems too much- me, me, me....I know....Yay! Great Christmas gift!!!!

  4. oh hey- I LOVE that you talk about life- makes you real to me and I feel a connection. Now, first I have to say SWOOOOOOOON over your start to your gown- I wish I could see it in person- it's gorgeous in the picture! Charm bracelets are so fun- the girls are going to love them. Merry Christmas Chris- I hope 2011 brings you only good things and lots and lots of ideas for your art ♥

  5. Love the charms, your girls are going to love them... Followers, 50, I'm stuck on 14...nobody else loves hoo. Happy Christmas..

  6. Very pretty.

    ChinaMommy said I should visit you.
    So I'm follower 51, yeah you made it.


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