Monday, December 20, 2010

Update on my new career as a grease monkey-

Ok, folks, I got out of playing car mechanic on Sunday, anyways. A bolt had come loose and was caught between some thing important and some other thingamajiggy. But this strange thing happened in the midst of all this- my tailights are stuck in the on position. That means no brake lights (Hey, mister in the big white truck, do you think there's a reason I turned on my hazards? Get off my ass!) So I did play mechanic for a minute as a friend told me that if I followed the break pedal up into the dash I might just find a I tried it and no switch but as I was laying on the floorboards of my car with my hand squeezed in a little hole I was reminded of a movie where there were tarantulas hiding everywhere and they would fall out on people's heads and bite them....

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  1. OH.....MY......GOD

    I may never stick my hand in a small space again! I have that stuck in my head now-lol! I hope your car is fixed up soon- why does everything wait till this time of the year to break?? Wishing you a very Merry Christmas Chris ♥


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