Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Perhaps an electrical field gone haywire?

I'm starting to think there really is "something up" in my world. But I'm busy. Its Christmas. These other worldly things will have wait- right? I spent 4 hours wrapping presents Sunday. Good day to do it as hubby fixed the car stuck in the driveway. Weirdly though, during his tests drives (the ones that got it stuck in the drive) an electrical problem occurred. My brake lights came on and stayed on meaning...you can't tell if the car is braking or not. Plus to make the lights go off one has to pull out the fuse with needle nose pliers. "#40" he told me. "Its number 40. You want me to circle it in the book?" "No" I replied, "I will never forget as the last thing I want to do is be in a parking lot somewhere asking strangers to jump my car." Really, silently I am thinking, I just about can't take any more indignity- so I will remember the number 40. How old am I? I thought all this unreliable car stuff was done with about the time I settled into grey hairs and crows feet? What's wrong with this picture?

Today was the day the Rendezvous is to go in to the mechanic. Cute little- Russian Alex- mechanic. I like him- he has a genuine accent. It makes him interesting. I need interesting things to divert my attention from- oh yeah, cars. So on this morning I received a clue about the electrical fields that have gone haywire around me.

My hairdryer that was given to me by my first sister-in-law over ten years ago (don't give hair dryers as Christmas presents- just a hint) went from working fine and dandy to shooting out sparks and flame- luckily for my endangered hair- sparks first- then went dead and then turned back on, shooting out more sparks, flame and smoke. I screamed a little, just a little, by now its going to take a lot more than flames to get a good reaction out of me. "hmmph!" I thought and tossed it in the garbage. "Hope I can remember in 8 hours that I need a new hair dryer!"

I played switch-a-roo with the cars at the mechanic. I dropped off my Rendezvous and picked up the Subaru. It was a nice re-union. I liked this car for many years. Today as all the lights were working and as long as I didn't "run it too long" I felt safe. So off I went after work to pick up the girls from daycare. I parked in front of the building, got out, started walking towards the doors and stopped dead in my tracks.

Even though I had turned the engine off the lights were on. Specifically the tail lights. What the hell? I thought. Seriously? Because the only common denominator in this situation is ME! I went back and checked the knobs, looked at the doors, they were all shut. I started to get the heebie jeebies. My cars- my cars are alive and I am being haunted. It was truly a very weird feeling.

But- I'm busy. I still have Christmas shopping to do. I went in and got the girls. I watched them closely as they approached the car. They acted fine. So much for children being sensitive to the paranormal- right?

Well- I'm just going to get right to the end, here folks! Enough DRAMA! I bumped a button and it was the fog lights! Only the rear fog lights but still! Paranoid Polly has about had it! I am trying to plan a Christmas menu and get some party cleaning done, here! I have no time for cars, or ghosts or tarantulas because I have stockings to stuff! Geez o' pete's! So I promise you- no more posts about strange events until after Christmas! But, just so you are warned there is a reason this blog is named ChrisChronicles. There is!


  1. hmmmm - paranormal forces, or maybe just that ole guy Murphy spreading his law around? Whatever, I hope the next few days go better for you.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas!


  2. I hope you bought the mongo huge bottle of merlot :) Thank goodness the Subaru doesn't have ghosts- I hope you manage to shake this vibe and get to relax a bit this week! Merry Christmas Chris ♥

  3. i thought it was called "An Unusual Girl Named Christine"?....
    You really need to get started on your book... A series of unfortunate Events....
    Let's hope you have a WONDERFUL Christmas and that "murkey" doesn't get you a flashlight.... or a hairdryer!


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