Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Jose~ Can You Sing?"

Now, repeat that to the tune of "Oh say can you see...."
Yep, there are many things I will miss about my daughter being young. For days now she's been running around singing "Jose` can you sing?" Sometimes I wonder if she has an auditory dis order. Especially when she's looking for the 'amote retrol'. Anyhoo, that's all...just wanted to share before my mental disorder made me forget.....


  1. that's D's son in laws name, I'll ask him...
    I also hate to see this time slipping away faster than I want...

  2. Big is 6 and the remote control is still the "femote control". I've tried to correct it, but stopped because I have to leave certain things that remind me he is still a baby. Plus, my husband has an odd way of saying certain things - listening to him say anything in Spanish is hilarious. So, I figure the boys get that from him.

    My favorite was when Big was about 2, he called dump trucks "dumb f*&cks". Classic! And Nutcrackers were Nutf*&ckers. I miss those days.

  3. Mel- you reminded me of when we were driving by Rockford Dam (sp?) and Brooke shouted out 'There's the damn rock!' It was so natural and caught me totally by suprise I about drove into it!


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