Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mercury is in Retrograde. (Or some crap like that!)

That's what those in the know say. I subscribe to a newsletter that keeps me abreast of these things. I look forward to getting it and then....never really understand what I am reading. Truly, astrology is a language all to itself. Apparently when Mercury is in retrograde our thought processes are compromised. Do not, and I have diligently tried to follow this- make any important decisions right now. Wait two weeks. But- does it mean something else for Scorpios? I'm just wondering because things...things have not been right this month!

I just got my haircut yesterday. For the third time this month. Really- all I said was- "whatever you did last time, my hair was great, not one bad hair day so do that again" Apparently that is what you do not say to your hair stylist. When I came back a week later with a limp, dull and dragging hair style I said "this is what its doing for me- I've tried me..." She looked at it and said "why did I cut it on that angle? That's obviously not working for you." She cut it again, styled it and away I went. Problem solved? No, there was something 'bulky' about it. I'm busy. I didn't want to go back. I didn't want to bug her for a third time.

Yep. I have a problem. All designers suffer from the affliction of thinking we can do anything. And while we can do a lot of things and we are problem solvers by nature we are not endowed with all skills. you think....ooooh...that's it right there...that little piece sticking out.....and that little piece right....there.

So yesterday I had to explain to my hair dresser that while yes, I was still having problems with the cut she gave me.... the cut she was staring out was not the one she gave me. The phrase "really, its not you...its me" never rang so true. Long story short.....well 'short' is the word that ends this tale.

The other weird thing....I'm trying to ignore winter. I did that last year and I was pretty successful. But today.......I will have to go outside and play car mechanic with my husband. I don't want to do that. I don't want to lay on the cold ground and use my small hands to get parts off the wheel of my car that is blocking our driveway. I don't. I'm a girl. I don't like car grease and I don't like being cold. I'm way too old for this. Damn his large manly hands!

So seriously. We somehow have four old cars (anyone want to trade for two new ones?) and none of them will get us out of our drive way. One is at a garage being diagnosed as to whether or not we should activate the resuscitators or call time of death. One just never made it to the junk yard before the snow flew. One is just fine now that hubby got the broken spark plug out of it by using a hair dryer to warm it up. And my car....well, that's the one that barely got me home from Christmas shopping last night. (It was a hairy ride home but Mr. couldn't come and get me because of the broken spark plug that wouldn't come out- seriously can you beieve this...)

But my car is now blocking the driveway and without going into the snow bank we can't get around it. You know, to get the parts we need to fix the car blocking the driveway. Thank god for phones and wine. We will get this resolved but.....I don't want to go out in the cold......I don't want to touch the car's parts....I'm a girl....I have to clean up puke in the middle of the night- I shouldn't have to work on cars....If something happens and I can't do art anymore....

So really, all you this something to with Mercury being in retrograde?....Inquiring minds want to know


  1. LOL! Never ... never have a go at cutting your hair past 14 years old. It always ends badly. ROFL

    And I totally understand the car situation.... well I did, we don't have any left now but we used to have a yard full of old landrovers LOL. Probably averaged 1 in 4 that was going.

    Have a great day!


  2. I will drive over there and take your SHEARS (that's what my gram always called them) AWAY FROM YOU!!
    leave that hair alone!


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