Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All the random thoughts and events from last week-

So now that I am used to sharing those strange thoughts and opinions that wander through my head I've found that its a little hard not to. Am I addicted to blogging? Could be- I've always said I had an addictive personality but not much follow through. Point in case my mother was afraid I would be an alcoholic because her father was. It skips a generation, ya know. (Nowadays, thanks to the television series- "Rescue Me" I understand my Grandfather wasn't really an alcoholic- he was IRISH!) Does this mean that my daughter will scream like a ninny every time she sees a bat? Not if she wants to live long, she won't. By the way- was that yet another way my mother screwed me up by forecasting an addiction to alcohol? Good thing the only religion I ever followed was the religion of doing exactly the opposite of anything my mother wanted me too! Well, maybe not so good- she wanted me to be a nurse because that seemed glamorous to women of her generation. Now, as I sit with a stockpile of unpaid bills in my purse, no medical insurance or paid vacation it occurs to me over and over again that I should have been a nurse. My mother also told me that if I sinned I would go to Hell. This blanket statement seemed to be unreliable as it just didn't make sense. So I tested it. A lot. Thanks, Mom. You couldn't have just said pot makes you do dumb things and sleeping around doesn't gain you anything? Straight forward common sense goes a long way with me.
Now to make up for last week I have made a list of all the subjects I wanted to dissect. To keep things simple I will make short posts on all topics.


  1. sometimes I think it is scary that I met you. My Irish Mother also spent my entire childhood (and even now in adulthood truth be told) telling me that I had alcoholism in my genes and to stay away from alcohol! Even now when I have a drink she gives me "the look". I love that you are addicted to blogging cuz you are funny as he**. Love reading your posts!

  2. Thanks Kim, I was just re-reading the post. I just wonder how you feel when you get the look? Does it make you want to stick your tongue out? We are such naughty Irish girls!


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