Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Swingers

Here's my new project- thought I'd share with you. Don't worry- I will add hair and eyes. They are always the hardest for me so they end up being last.

I do a lot of serious work dealing with 'women's issues' but I like to play too. Remember- I love little girls- that's why I spend so much time hiding out from mine! My grandmother had a story about her mother, called Nana. Nana didn't like her middle name, or lack of a middle name- something like that, so she would collect names she liked to add to hers. My Grandmother would say "and she always said it like this...My name is (her real name which escapes me right now), Anastasia Grace Violet....." there were two more which I can't remember. I am going to have to grill family members to see if anyone can add to my forgotten list. I am thinking of pulling from this list for names for these swinging sista's.

The other real cool thing about my mothers family is that they all had nicknames that were used more than their real names. They were the typical German Irish mix. The boys were Sonny and Buddy (Uncle Buddy to me) and Chickie. Hazel and Helen were sisters, I don't think they had nicknames. There were more nicknames in the gang but I can't make my mind work today. Didn't sleep enough last night!

So I can't decide if these two are Hazel and Helen or Anastasia and Violet (Violet should have purple hair shouldn't she?) You see my dilemma. How do you like the dresses? From someone who can't sew, I'd say these creations are pretty impressive! And I figured out how to keep their bums from showing. I also figured it out for the three teenage girls in church this morning- LONGER SKIRTS, LADIES! Geez, MOM, its your job to make sure their northern parts are covered! I do reserve the right to tell my girls when their skirts are just an inch or six too short. There's a tolerance level for me, I actually like a shorter skirt, but if I think there's a chance of a glimpse... then, no question- it shouldn't be a question. Maybe I am a prude. I still reserve the right to not have that image forever imprinted on my brain.

Really, what was this post about anyways? Oh yeah, I have company coming tommorrow so I thought I'd post today, even though it is Easter. (I'm a rule breaking, non-conforming prude) My Aunt and Uncle are flying in from New York for four days. We're postponing Easter dinner to Monday night and while they don't know it yet- they will also participate in our annual Easter Egg Hunt. I'm very excited for them!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I'd also like one of the dresses for myself! they look awesome!!!!

  2. Clarification-Chickie was not one of the boys- sorry to be mis-leading.

  3. Fabulous!! I love how the first one has her leg swung up a bit- and the dresses are incredible! Happy Easter Chris :)

  4. I really like the swingers, and the names. I think Anastasia and Violet suit them better. The dresses are awesome. I can't sew anything other than a button or a tiny rip, so I'm impressed!

    I hope you had a great Easter!


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